We will explain the latest information of “Airdrop distribution of virtual currency SGB (Songbird token)” in an easy-to-understand manner.


This article was translated into English by Google Translate by the author who understands only Japanese.

for that reason
“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

Of course, I try to provide meaningful information, but besides that, please use it to enjoy strange English.


From the official

“Distributed all airdrops of virtual currency SGB (Songbird Token)"

Information flowed.

>>> Link to Flare official website “Putting Songbird in Flight"


In response to it

“It’s amazing! It’s finally started !?"

“How can I check this?"

“I am participating from the exchange. Can I get it? What can I do?"

“Even if you look at the information, it’s difficult for me to understand the content. I want you to tell me so that you can understand it!"

I woke up at once from the morning.


Therefore, this time

“Latest information on airdrop distribution of virtual currency SGB (Songbird Token)"

I will explain about this so that even beginners can easily understand it.

* Since it was created immediately, I am sorry if there are some typographical errors or strange parts.


By reading this article,

◎, you can know the contents of the information issued by the official

◎, you can also see how to set the received token

◎, I also understand what people who participate through the exchange should do


Let’s take a look at the airdrop distribution of the virtual currency SGB (Songbird Token) together!


Do not touch badly until after September 27th

The most important content of this official announcement is

“Don’t touch badly until September 27th"



“Yeah! Songbird tokens have arrived!"

There may be people who get excited and take some action, such as sending money or touching something.


However, with this announcement, the official is

“You shouldn’t do that yet!"

Is saying.

If anything, the distribution information of AirDrop is only a small part, and we are focusing on caution not to touch it badly.


This is because the songbird chain is still in an unstable state due to its characteristics.

This is completely different from other chains, so the specifications etc. can change drastically at once, and the formula is also

“Songbird chains are more risky than any other chain that ever exists!"

It is clearly stated.

Therefore, I will not say anything bad, so let’s follow the instructions quietly now.

Please read this article about the features of the Songbird chain.

> “What is the flare canary network" Songbird “? 』\ I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners.

※The link destination is Japanese


However, I’m still most interested in information about airdrops, so 2 points

①, How to set with MetaMask

② What about those who participate through the exchange?


Officially in this announcement


I’ve only said so much, so these are the information that I personally researched the information that I am most interested in right now.

I hope that those who are interested in the same way will read it and use it as a reference.

Let’s take a closer look at these together!



① How to set with MetaMask

First of all, it is for those who prepared their own wallet and participated in AirDrop.

However, people who participate through the exchange may also need this work, so

“It doesn’t matter to me!"

Please read it instead.


First of all, the address you receive seems to be the ETH address, so be careful not to mistake it for chitin.

Therefore, we will look at it with a typical MetaMask.

>>> Link to “MetaMask Official Website"

The setting method is explained in the video in this tweet, so just follow the instructions.


While watching the video, it is difficult to do it by hand, so I will write a sentence so that I can copy and paste it.

However, there is a possibility that my input is incorrect, so if you cannot set it, please try again from the beginning.


Network Name: Songbird

New RPC URL: https://songbird.towolabs.com/ext/bc/C/rpc

Chain ID: 19

Currency Symbol (optional): SGB

Block Explorer URL: https://songbird.explorer.flare.network


It is now possible to connect MetaMask and Songbird Chain.



② What about those who participate through the exchange?

By the way, there are quite a few people who can make their own wallet and apply for it.

The problem is that I don’t really understand the area, so it’s the people who participated through the exchange.

Those who participate through the exchange

“Make a form that you can receive and apply for distribution to the exchange"



Actually, I was one of the participants through the exchange, so I checked this for myself

“Let’s take this action!"

It will be the information.

Therefore, this part is not a formal thing, but a feeling of my action schedule.


In other words, there is no guarantee that you will receive it just because you acted this way.

But I can’t think of anything else I can do, and that doesn’t mean I can’t leave it alone.

So, the first thing to do is

“Making a shape that you can receive"


Specifically, it is to link the MetaMask and Songbird chains introduced earlier.

that’s why,

“Look at the people who participated through the exchange!"

I said that.


one more

“Apply for distribution to the exchange"

In the past, Flare officially

“People who participate in AirDrop through exchanges should apply and receive at your participating exchanges!"

I am giving guidance.


Therefore, it is only necessary to apply to the exchange.

Please also read this article about this area.

> I will explain “Airdrop of virtual currency SGB (Songbird Token)" in an easy-to-understand manner.

※The link destination is Japanese


However, Japanese exchanges do not support such airdrop distribution of stocks that are not listed.

Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will receive it just because you did this.

So this is

“Would you like to try it with no use!"

Please stay with the feeling.


However, if there are many voices from users, the exchange may make some announcements.

If you do so, the labor of those who are difficult even for this action may be reduced, so it may be okay for those who can do it themselves to try it.

Because this is a legitimate act as instructed, it should not interfere with the business of the exchange or utter abusive words!


“For the time being, wait and see if you can get it!"

If you say, please come again.

I will post my results here.

Please refer to it.




Regarding the airdrop of the virtual currency SGB (Songbird Token), the official announcement mainly says that it will not be touched badly until after September 27th.


On top of that, there are two points about how to receive airdrops, etc.

①, How to set with MetaMask

“Because it is explained in the video, do it exactly as it is"


② What about those who participate through the exchange?

“After setting MetaMask, apply for distribution to participating exchanges"


With this, you can know the contents of the information issued by the official.

I also understood how to set the received token.

I also explained what to do for those who participate through the exchange.


Even if I received it now,

“Danger to touch!"

If you are not in a hurry, please see my application results before deciding whether to act.

For that reason, please come again!


I plan to participate in other airdrops, so if you are interested, please continue reading this article.

>>> Introducing the list of “Virtual Currency Airdrop Information 2021 (Futahii Participation Scheduled Version)".

※The linked article is in Japanese


Please also have another airdrop information related to this.

>>> “Cryptocurrency spark holders can participate in AirDrop" We will explain the participation method and details in an easy-to-understand manner.

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