A must-see for anyone who wants to easily manage their assets with virtual currency! “What is Shinobi Wallet?”Will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner.


This article was translated into English by Google Translate by the author who understands only Japanese.

for that reason
“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

Of course, I try to provide meaningful information, but besides that, please use it to enjoy strange English.


※If you want to study Japanese, please read this together with the original article in Japanese.



Due to the recession of the new corona, more and more people are beginning to be interested in investment and asset management.

The wave has increased the number of people who have begun to be interested in virtual currencies.

However, he abused that feeling

“If you leave the virtual currency management to us, you will get a lot of profits!"

That said, the scam that caused damage of about 6.5 billion yen was also in the news.


In order not to get caught in such scams, let’s acquire knowledge by ourselves and invest and manage assets by ourselves!

Don’t throw your asset management to others!

This is an iron rule, so please be sure to follow it!



“I have no investment experience! It seems difficult just to hear about asset management! It is impossible for me as an amateur to study!"

“I just bought a cryptocurrency and I don’t know what to do from it!"

There are many people like this.

In particular, asset management of virtual currencies has a problem that it is difficult for beginners to enter because there are many unfamiliar words and mechanisms.


Therefore, this time, even beginners can easily manage assets with virtual currency from Japan

“What is Shinobi Wallet? “

I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.


By reading this article

◎, you will be able to participate in swap staking, which was difficult and you had to forgo participation

◎, you can easily start cryptocurrency asset management that you can earn profits without trading

◎, you can get a chance to get the first-mover advantage


* The content of this article is only if the operation proceeds as planned and the functions are implemented as officially announced.

“Now that everyone doesn’t know yet, if you enter, you may get a first-mover advantage !?"

Please understand that it has not been fully implemented yet.

Furthermore, there is always a risk, whether the investment is large or small.

Therefore, even if you start using this and lose your assets, I will not be responsible, so please invest at your own risk.


Let’s take a look at such a Shinobi wallet together!


Wallet aiming for user’s FIRE (unearned income life)

Shinobi wallet

“Wallet aiming for user’s FIRE (unearned income life)"

It can be said.


Of course, this can be regarded as a different thing depending on the line of sight, but I see it from this point of view.

After all, this Shinobi wallet has a lot of functions related to asset management using virtual currency!

Moreover, it has a function that even people who have been difficult and could not have the courage to participate can easily participate!

Actual operation

“I will do my best so that those who continue to support me will be able to live in FIRE (unearned income) in two years!"

It seems to be burning.


About the function of such Shinobi wallet, 3 points this time

①, There is a virtual currency dedicated to asset management in Shinobi wallet

②, Swap staking can participate with one touch

③, NFT can be managed as an asset


There may be some words that are difficult to understand, but I will explain them in an easy-to-understand manner, so let’s take a closer look together!



(1) There is a virtual currency dedicated to asset management in Shinobi wallet

<Shinobi Wallet Asset Management Concept>

For Shinobi wallet

“Dedicated virtual currency for asset management on Shinobi wallet"

there is.


It is called the virtual currency UKH token.

Asset management is automatically performed just by holding the virtual currency UKH token on the Shinobi wallet, and you can receive dividends monthly or daily.

You can choose two methods

◎, You can receive 70% + α of the profit amount of Shinobi Wallet as a monthly dividend

◎, You can stably receive about 1% of the number of virtual currency UKH tokens held as a daily (about 30% per month) dividend.


* 1% of the number of cards owned! It is not 1% when converted to yen!

Example: If you have 10,000 sheets (1 million yen worth), it is 1% of 10,000 sheets. It is not 1% of 1 million yen.


Please read this article about the interest rate of UKH tokens around here.

>>> I calculated the “interest rate of the virtual currency UKH token aiming at the user’s FIRE and other virtual currency operating profit" as far as I can understand!(This is a Japanese article)


What is amazing about this is the Shinobi wallet

“I will make the people who support me FIRE (unearned income)! 』\

This is the part that created this virtual currency UKH token for the purpose of.

for that reason

“I’ll make everyone FIRE (unearned income)! I want you to use Shinobi wallet and virtual currency UKH token for that!"

That’s the idea.


If you operate the virtual currency UKH token on the Shinobi wallet, it will be done in the future.

Airdrop of virtual currencies IZNG and IZNM

Will be able to participate in.

Not limited to this, if you are interested in virtual currency airdrop, please read this article.

>> Introducing the list of “Virtual Currency Airdrop Information 2021 (Futahii Participation Scheduled Version)".



<Concept of virtual currency asset management for other projects>

On the other hand, asset management in other virtual currencies is the opposite.

“It needs to be used to maintain a virtual currency project or blockchain system. That’s why I’m giving a reward so that everyone can use it. “


in short

“We’ll give you a reward, so everyone has a lot of our cryptocurrencies! As a result, some people can FIRE!"

It’s like that.

Mr. M, who is in charge of developing a certain virtual currency brand that can actually manage assets

I don’t know about investors! Making the blockchain we make even better is our top priority!"

There are also brands that have said that.


“I want to earn with virtual currency!"

“I want to add to my living expenses with the profits from virtual currency!"

Which way of thinking is right for those who think?

I am close to the idea of ​​Shinobi wallet, so I buy and hold the virtual currency UKH token.

Please read here for more details about such virtual currency UKH token.

>>> The first virtual currency “What is UKH / Ukehi Token?" 』\ I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.


However, until people who already have other virtual currencies pay a lot of trading fees and remittance fees and go through another procedure

“I want to buy virtual currency UKH tokens !!!"

It is not always the case.

Therefore, we will also look at the function to participate in asset management by other cryptocurrency stocks that already exist!



② Swap staking can be participated with one touch

<What is swap staking?>

Shinobi wallet The next function is

“Swap staking can participate with one touch"


I will not explain in detail in such a part because there are many difficult words that I am not familiar with.

But please grasp only the minimum image.


Swap is an image of currency exchange.

When traveling abroad, you exchange your own currency for foreign money, such as when making a foreign currency deposit.

The virtual currency version of it is just called swap.

The other staking is an image of a time deposit at a bank.

If you fix the deposited money so that it cannot be used for a certain period of time, interest will increase during that period.

Just call the virtual currency version of it staking.


It is just an image, but there is no problem with this level of recognition.

The point is that it is an action related to earning interest and being able to manage assets.



<Swaps other than Shinobi wallet, etc.>

And until now, it was difficult to participate in these.


◎, the language is basically English (it is difficult for Japanese people)

◎, not everything is as easy as a bank

◎, there are also some banks

◎, there are many regular products and it is difficult to choose

◎, there are many fraudulent products inside

Because there are and so on.



<Shinobi wallet swap, etc.>

However, the Shinobi wallet

◎, Basically Japanese (Of course, English is also supported)

◎, Shinobi wallet will handle the procedure

◎, will tell you about products with good yields

◎, will play fraudulent products in advance

It has features such as.

Therefore, you can participate in swapping and staking with one touch at Shinobi Wallet!

Moreover, it is possible to select products relatively safely!

(Because you only play fraud, there is a risk that the project will go bankrupt)


This already has virtual currency

“I can’t increase it just by having it! I want to increase it somehow, but swapping and staking are difficult and I don’t understand, so I can’t do it badly."

It pushes the backs of those who were wondering.


It’s a wallet that is easy to use even for those who do not have the virtual currency UKH token dedicated to asset management!



③ It is also possible to manage NFT as an asset

<What is NFT>

Although it may be a little far from the part of asset management, Shinobi wallet is now popular

“Compatible with NFT"

Will be done.


NFT is a technology that attaches a pedigree to digital data.

This will create a second-hand market for digital data.

For example, an electronic book.

Until now, there was no choice but to keep or delete the e-books that had been read.

However, NFT-ized e-books sell after reading.

This is possible because information such as pedigree is linked!


Of course, if the person who sells is a popular person, it is possible that the premiere will be attached and the item will sell at a higher price than the cost price.

It’s exactly the same phenomenon as the second-hand market where the real thing exists.

It is NFT that can realize it for digital data.


However, NFT is digital data.

Moreover, since it comes with a special pedigree, a dedicated storage place is required.

Even if you just store it like any other data, the pedigree will not come with it.

The Shinobi wallet will be equipped with a function as a storage place dedicated to such NFTs.



<NFT of Shinobi Wallet>

The Shinobi wallet developer himself can also play in the Shinobi wallet

“NFT game of characters with voice"

Seems to be making.

that name as well

“Himekami Collection"



The NFT obtained here can also be monetized.

◎, buy and sell NFT characters

◎, staking NFT (fixed deposit) and receive interest

◎, Raise NFT characters and raise staking interest

And so on.


Furthermore, a gacha performed to obtain an NFT character.

Of course, the profit from this gacha is for those who are staking NFT characters!

In addition, it seems that it will be distributed to the holders of the asset management virtual currency UKH token on the Shinobi wallet.

Please read this article for more details about this area.

>>> “Make NFT unearned! What is the Himekami Collection? " Will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner.(Japanese article)


In other words, just increasing the number of NFT game users who can play on this Shinobi wallet can increase profits!

By saying that, the Shinobi wallet

“NFT dedicated storage place"

Even if

“Asset management of NFT"

Even so, it’s attention!

At other NFT storage locations, storage is the main thing, and it is not possible to operate it, so it is a great deal!

You can download the app for such Shinobi wallet from here!

>>> Link to “Shinobi Wallet App, Download Page"


Buy / do not buy virtual currency UKH tokens.

Swap / staking / not.

Regardless of the above, if you are a Japanese who is doing virtual currency, we recommend you to touch Shinobi Wallet once.

That alone will be a great learning experience!




A Shinobi wallet can be said to be a wallet aimed at users’ FIRE (unearned income).


On top of that, 3 points about the asset management part

①, There is a virtual currency dedicated to asset management in Shinobi wallet

“Cryptocurrency UKH token developed to generate unearned income for users"


②, Swap staking can participate with one touch

“It will be easier to get interest profits from virtual currencies that were difficult to participate in until now"


③, NFT can be managed as an asset

“There is a mechanism to make a profit by managing NFT assets as well as storing and buying and selling NFTs"


With this, you will be able to participate in swap staking, which was difficult and you had to forgo participation.


“The fee is high, but for some reason it’s easy to use, so I’ll use it!"

It’s as easy to see and use as Coincheck, which is evaluated as!


It seems that you can easily start asset management with virtual currency without further trading.

If the Shinobi wallet grows in the future, the value of the virtual currency UKH token will also increase, so it can be said that you can also get a chance to get the first-mover advantage.


Knowledge alone does not produce anything.

Let’s take action!

Those who want to buy the virtual currency UKH token can now buy it with Uniswap (September 21st).

>>> Link to Uniswap V2 “bUKH Token Swap Page"

Click here if you want to study by touching the Shinobi wallet.

>>> Link to “Shinobi Wallet App, Download Page"


Finally, all investment is at your own risk, so don’t forget that!

When spending money, it is recommended to have risk and vigilance as well as expectation.









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