Futahii Newspaper “October 4th issue”

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>>> Futahii Newspaper Category

Let’s take a look at the lid-hii newspaper on October 4, 2021!


①XRPL brand, virtual currency exchange Bitrue launch pool scheduled to start

XRPL introduced in yesterday’s Futahii newspaper

“Equilibrium Games"

>>> We will share with you the Futahii Shimbun “Latest Information Purchased in the Morning”. [October 3, 2021]

It seems that the virtual currency Equilibrium used here will be handled in the launch pool of the virtual currency exchange Bitrue.

The virtual currency exchange Bitrue is famous for being the first to list the virtual currency SGB token.

The launch pool is basically something that you can receive as a reward for staking (fixed deposit).


Cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue

◎, XRP (ripple)

◎, XRPL related (many)

◎, SGB (Songbird)

◎, FLR (Spark Token)

Because it feels friendly and positive around these people, if you have something you care about, it may not be a loss to have an account alone.

>>> Bitrue Link to “Launch Pool Page"



② Cryptocurrency BETA, Binance IEO launch putt scheduled to start

It seems that IEO will be done on Binance.

In Japan as well, the price of the virtual currency PLT (pallet token) has risen to about 25 times with Coincheck IEO, and it has become a hot topic.

>>> “What is Japan’s first Coincheck IEO? " I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner so that even beginners can participate.(This is a Japanese article)

It is a binance version of it.


IEO is a cryptocurrency brand that is born with a commitment to be listed on the exchange that does it.

In other words, the price increase is a brand that is as close to 100% as possible.

Moreover, it seems that it is attracting even more attention because it is a binance of a large-scale exchange that is incomparable to Coincheck.


Participation method is launch put format.

In other words, it is a form of staking the virtual currency BNB (binance coin).

Acceptance has already started,

Until October 8th


If you stake, you will receive dividends.

However, this seems to be the feeling of acquiring the “right to buy" rather than the dividend.

Payment will be made from the staking BNB according to the acquired right to buy.

If you are interested, why don’t you join us?

>>> Link to Binance “Cryptocurrency BETA Launch Pat"



③ Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit, “Is there something?" Tweet

Virtual currency Bybit

“What is this?"

I’m tweeting that I don’t usually do much.

What is the content

“If you can go back in time, what would you do with cryptocurrencies?"

It’s like that.

>>> Bybit Link to “Tweet to be worried about"


Bybit does not usually tweet like this, so

“I wonder what?"

I was curious, so I introduced it for the time being.


like this

“I don’t know what it is, but I don’t have any particular grounds to express it in words, but something is different than usual. I’m worried about it sensuously!"

That’s because it’s a highly specialized skill that is important at the level of saving lives in the long-term care world.

Thanks to this feeling, I have saved many lives in the past.

Just because it was activated in virtual currency, there is no basis for it.



④ SGB official community “Don’t go through the exchange to participate in AirDrop! Don’t trust!"

The official community of virtual currency SGB tokens

“Huh? Did you finally get rid of the exchange’s immovable attitude? Did you give up?"

I made a tweet that seems to be.

What is the content

“You should participate in SGB-related airdrops yourself, without going through the exchange, and you won’t have any trouble."

That is the purpose.

>>> Link to SGB official community “Tweet to close the exchange"


The operation is not a community

“We will also distribute it through the exchange!"

However, when I opened the lid, most of the exchanges that had announced their support did not support distribution.

Of course, no exchange in Japan distributes SGB tokens, and on the contrary.


I didn’t even mention the word.


The SGB official community has been open to exchanges around the world since the early days of airdrop distribution.

“Distribute the SGB token airdrop. It’s not yours! If you don’t distribute it, incinerate everything and announce your intentions!"

He tweeted about the purpose of the exchange by name many times every day.

Even so, there were too many exchanges that were completely ignored, so I guess they gave up.


The words that came out there

“Don’t join AirDrop through the exchange anymore because you’ll have trouble getting it distributed!"

I think it was.

I agree 100% with this.

Now I regret having taken part in AirDrop through the exchange.

Please be careful in the future as well.

Even if it was distributed, it would be too late to participate in the airdrop that could have been added in the meantime, and the opportunity loss would be immeasurable.

Please also read this article about airdrops.

>>> Introducing the list of “Virtual Currency Airdrop Information 2021 (Futahii Participation Scheduled Version)".



⑤ Coinbase Japan, additional scented tweets

the other day

“Isn’t DOGE coin or SHIBA coin listed on Coinbase Japan?"

I issued the information.

>>> We will share with you the Futahii Shimbun “Latest Information Purchased in the Morning”. [October 3, 2021]

This is additional information.


Although this is also a scented tweet, a tweet that seems to be the listing date came out.

“I like Halloween, but I like January 3 more."

It is the content.

>>> Coinbase Japan “Listing date? Link to “Tweet"

The 7th information in this article is also about DOGE coins, so a lot of good news came out for DOGE coins as well.


⓺ RIZIN, virtual currency RC airdrop lottery result announcement date

RIZIN, a martial arts organization that has officially formed a strategic alliance with the virtual currency IOST.

The result of the lottery campaign to receive the virtual currency RC (Rijin coin) issued here will be announced today.

There are about 960 participants and 100 winners, so it is calculated to be one in 9 to 10 people.

It seems that the winners will receive direct mail, so I’m looking forward to it.

>>> Link to RIZINFC “Cryptocurrency RC Airdrop Related Tweets"


As you can see from the fact that the number of questionnaire respondents is overwhelmingly larger than the number of participants (RT number), it is still more than virtual currency people.

“Overwhelmingly more martial arts fans"

You can see that.

And from now on, they will also enter the virtual currency NFT toward the end of the year!

>> “Three notable events of virtual currency IOST! [Late 2021]] will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner.(This is a Japanese article)



⑦ Flare official, mentions cooperation with DOGE, monetization, etc.

Flairnet includes the virtual currency DOGE as one of the initial linked stocks.

By doing so, the virtual currency DOGE can be equipped with the same functions as Ethereum.

The point is that it will undergo super evolution.


In that connection, Flair’s formula mentioned a little about cooperation and profits after cooperation with DOGE (Dogecoin).

If you introduce the contents in an easy-to-understand manner

◎, It is possible that profits related to flare nets will be returned to DOGE holders.

◎, DOGE is connected to various NFT / blockchain games through flare net

It’s like that.


Although not mentioned here, it could probably be connected to flared DiFi.

Major flare financial services

“Flare Finance"

Because there is.

This is a Japanese article>> “What is flare finance? " I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners of virtual currency.()

When the flare net goes into full-scale operation, the evolution up to this point will be achieved at once, so

“DOGE is a brand that is just made with jokes! It’s useless just because Elon Musk is pushing it!"

I can’t say that.

It’s very interesting.



⑧ Flare Finance, new NFT movement (collaboration with world-famous artists?)

Flare finance that came out earlier.

NFT service to be deployed here


The official NFT, DeLorean NFT, has been on sale since last month.

>>> Link to Flair Drop Official NFT “Delorian NFT Sales Page"


In connection with this, it seems to collaborate with world-famous creator Andrey Berger.

(Sorry, I don’t know him)

Prior to that, it seems that Flair Finance acquired the NFT work of the toy he created.

>>> R66 X Berger # 12 Link to “VOLCANO"


The movement of flare finance is expected to become more active in the future, so it is important to pay attention.

“Maybe I’m interested in flare finance!"

If you like, please read this article that I introduced earlier.

>>> “What is flare finance? " I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners of virtual currency.



⑨ Digital day campaign, Amazon announces specific contents

October 10th and 11th are digital days.

>> “Aim for a new holiday! Do you have more holidays? What is Digital Day? 』\ I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.(This is a Japanese article)


In commemoration of that, various companies and organizations are planning campaigns.

Therefore, I am focusing on the three companies (Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo affiliates) that are familiar to many people and may be of interest to them.

>>> Introducing “List of Campaigns Held on Digital Day (October 10-11)".(This is a Japanese article)


They hadn’t released detailed information until the last minute, but this time, Amazon has announced the details.

Honestly, it’s a little disappointing.

It’s a very bargain campaign, but it’s only for corporations.

If you do this for individuals as well, it will be a great deal and it will be exciting.


Introducing the contents

◎, for corporations and sole proprietors

◎ From October 1st to November 19th

◎ If you purchase 100,000 yen or more, you will receive an Amazon gift certificate worth 10,000 yen.

◎, Corporate discount 30% or more

And so on. Twice

It is a campaign in the sense that it is limited to digital days, and it seems that there are only seminars and study sessions for individuals.

>>> Link to Amazon “Digital Day Campaign Special Page"



⑩ Fumio Kishida Cabinet launched today

It seems that the cabinet of Fumio Kishida, who became the president of the Liberal Democratic Party the other day, will be launched today.

The current administration is the Liberal Democratic Party, so it will inevitably become the Prime Minister.


In Japan, a lot of taxes are taken from people who have a lot of profits from the beginning, but Mr. Kishida seems to be thinking of raising taxes further for people who have a lot of profits.


“It’s about helping people who are suffering from money, isn’t it? Good!"

I think you will feel.

However, if the government does this, the stakes that come out will be struck.

“Even if I earn money, I can take it with tax and I’m not motivated."

It becomes.

As a result, a good sense of balance is important, as earners may leave the country or those with high earning abilities may be discouraged, which may worsen the economic condition of the country as a whole.


Especially in the case of Japan, it is more delicate than other countries around here.

People who earn money outside of Japan are subject to respect, so those who have money will voluntarily and comfortably donate even if the tax is not increased.

On the other hand, people who earn money in Japan are subject to jealousy.

Therefore, even if you donate or help people, you will be beaten.

As a result, those who have been able to make efforts while vomiting blood and earning money are for those who are eligible for donations and those who are not making much money.

“People who just talk without much effort"

It is easy to recognize that.


This can’t be helped, isn’t it?

A person’s heart and personality are drawn to the words they usually come in contact with.

>>> I will explain “the mechanism of hypnosis and how to use it in this era" in an easy-to-understand manner while having them actually experience it.(This is a Japanese article)

It is natural that we do not want to donate to those who are only saying words of jealousy, cheeks, and slander.

As a result, those who earn a lot

“Why can you only slander without effort? Why do we have to raise taxes for those who get in our way?"

It’s easy to become, so it’s delicate around here, especially in Japan.


Even people in ordinary households

“Why do I have to pay my money for the disabled, for the elderly, and for the welfare guardian?"

How many people have an idea, right?

It means that even rich people can easily have this feeling for the general public.


As long as you are slanderous like this, no one will be saved around that person.

Are there any people around you who are always complaining, swearing at others, or slandering?

Of course, it is not good to accumulate too much, so I think it is okay to spit it occasionally.

However, if it becomes normal, the person who originally saved you may have forgotten about you without your knowledge.


On Twitter

“I’m blocked by someone who has never been involved!"

That’s it.

Look at your usual words and actions

“I definitely don’t want to get involved with this person"

It seems that it is blocked.


That’s why I usually say this.

“If you have time to slander or complain about others, you should try to grow up!"


As one of the help, I am disseminating information.

for that reason,

“I’m not interested in cryptocurrencies!"

Even if you say that, I would like you to see my information every day as a chance to develop a growth habit.

Please use it by all means.

(Something recent I will talk about at the end of the article ^^;)




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