MasterWorks, a service that competes with NFT investment with real investment

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A company called MasterWorks, which provides investment in fine arts, has secured about 12 billion yen in funds.

“NFT is not the only art for investment purposes!"

It seems that he is burning a sense of opposition.

* Please think that “funding amount = expected value". 12 billion yen is a considerable expectation.

>> TechCrunch Link to “Masterworks Raises $ 110 Million to Sell Fractional Shares of Physical Art, Not NFTs"


NFT is enthusiastic

NFT is now enthusiastic and attracting attention.

One illustration data is traded at a price of hundreds of millions of yen, and the illustration data drawn by elementary school students exceeds 1 million yen, so you can imagine the enthusiasm just by listening to it.

When asked like this

“What is that NFT?"

The question arises.


NFT is digital data with a pedigree.

The pet’s pedigree contains various information about the pet and functions as a document to prove it.

NFT added something similar to this to the data.

By doing so, you can give ownership to the data, so you can handle the data in the same way as buying and selling your own property at Mercari.

In other words, NFT is data.

NFT is in a state of enthusiasm at the level I mentioned earlier.

Please read here for more details.

>> “What is NFT? How to participate?" I will explain it in a simple and easy-to-understand manner even for super beginners.(This is a Japanese article)


NFT Investor

Many of the people who are enthusiastic about this NFT are investors.

In other words, most people are buying and fishing to monetize.

Then, how can this NFT be monetized?

There are two main types.

1) When the NFT work attracts attention in the future and the price soars, sell it and get the difference

2) Receive dividend profit by staking (fixed deposit)


However, there are not many services that can stake NFTs and monetize them, so those who are interested in this part need to consider the Himekami collection and Shinobi wallet.

>>>A must-see for anyone who wants to easily manage their assets with virtual currency! “What is Shinobi Wallet?”Will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

In other words, in reality, people who are purchasing with the expectation that the price will rise in the future are heating up.


Investors who cannot be relieved unless they are real investments

However, while watching this enthusiasm

“Why does NFT come with such a high price? It’s just data, and nothing remains."

Many people have doubts.

For such people

“Services that allow you to invest in real works of art"

Is Master Works.


For example, a painting written by an up-and-coming artist.

1 million yen per sheet.

If you buy this and keep it, if the price of this artist’s painting rises in the future, the difference will be profitable.

However, such real painting investment has been around for a long time.


The interesting thing about MasterWorks is that you can invest in paintings and works of art in the form of stock investment.

This also gives an example.

For example, the painting of the up-and-coming artist mentioned earlier.

1 million yen per sheet.

Even if you expect the price to rise in the future, it is honestly difficult for us ordinary people to invest 1 million yen there.


Therefore, with MasterWorks, it seems that you can invest 10,000 yen instead of 1 million yen.

For example, if you invest 10,000 yen in this painting, you will receive 1/100 of the profit from this painting as a dividend.

In other words, if the price of this painting soars and it sells for 10 million yen, you will receive 1/100 of that, 100,000 yen.

In this case, you can invest without spending a lot of money on just one painting.


An interesting time to grow by stimulating each other

In this way, because NFTs are enthusiastic now,

“Not only digital art, but also works of art that have a long history are worth the investment!"

It is a rivalry.

Actually, there are many people who are more relieved to invest in something that has a real thing like this.


In this way, technologies such as NFTs and blockchains have a great influence not only on that field but also on other fields, and they are the key to stimulating and growing.

In such an era, it’s really a waste to be careless about such a flow and not get anything.

It’s really a waste because I haven’t enjoyed such an interesting era as well as making an investment.



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