How to buy cryptocurrency BETA and how to stake

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for that reason
“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

Of course, I try to provide meaningful information, but besides that, please use it to enjoy strange English.


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The virtual currency BETA sold at Binance IEO is booming.

Coincheck IEO was also held in Japan, and I think that many people have experienced that the price of IEO brands jumped many times.

Such IEO was held on October 8th at Binance, the largest virtual currency.

That brand is the virtual currency BETA (beta)

The price was about 86 times that day, and after that it was settled at about 50 times the price.

This is a brand that will start full-scale operation from now on, so there is a possibility that the price will still rise.


When asked like this

“I also want that virtual currency BETA!"

“I also want a reward for staking!"

I think there are many people who feel that.

Therefore, this time

“How to buy virtual currency BETA and how to stake (fixed deposit)"

This section explains.


However, I am not very good at explaining even if I attach an image, so I will explain it in sentences, so I hope that you can follow the characters while actually opening the screen.

Let’s see how to get the virtual currency BETA (beta) and how to stake it!


note that

“It has increased 50 to 86 times!"

For those who bought it

“You’re already very rich!"

You may feel that.

However, this is a collection of purchases from all over the world, and I can only buy 250 yen, and many people are on that scale, so I’m not rich at all.


Preparation for buying virtual currency BETA

Since the virtual currency BETA (beta) is not bought or sold on exchanges in Japan, it is necessary to prepare for purchasing at overseas exchanges.

* You can do it on your smartphone, but a computer is recommended.

1) Cryptocurrency exchange Binance account

2) Japanese exchange account

3) Money to buy virtual currency

After preparing these, it’s okay.

After that, all you have to do is do your best to buy it.



How to buy

Let’s see how to buy it!

1) Buy virtual currency at Japanese exchanges

(BTC and ETH are safe, although the fees are high, but the time and effort is low. The fees are low for IOST, although the time and effort will increase. Please use it as you like.)

2) Send the purchased virtual currency to Binance

(Be careful not to make a mistake as the remittance destination address is different for each brand in virtual currency)

3) Click the 9 logo marks with ■ in the upper left of Binance

4) Click “Exchange" from the many menus

5) Various information such as charts will be displayed, but search by entering “BNB" in the search window on the upper right side of the screen.

(If you sent BTC, skip this step and go to step 9)

6) A list of stocks that can be traded with BNB will appear, so search for a pair with the stock you sent and click on it.

7) Since the purchase frame and the sale frame are displayed at the bottom of the central chart, enter the number of purchases in the purchase frame on the left side to purchase.

8) Enter “BETA" in the search window on the upper right of the previous page to search.

9) Click “BETA / BNB" from the displayed list

10) Since the purchase frame and the sale frame are displayed at the bottom of the center chart, enter the number of purchases in the purchase frame on the left side to purchase.


You can now buy the virtual currency BETA.

* BETA can only be purchased with Bitcoin if it is a virtual currency that can still be purchased at domestic exchanges.

Therefore, other than Bitcoin, it is necessary to change to another brand once.

* I explained how to purchase with the virtual currency BNB (Binance Token) required for staking in the next section.



Preparing to receive the virtual currency BETA as a staking reward

Until earlier, it was a way to get it by purchasing it.

It’s okay to aim for a price increase as it is, but if you have it anyway

“I want to stake and monetize with dividends!"

I think that.


So, since there is already staking using the virtual currency BETA, we will also look at this area.

The difficulty will be higher this time, but if you follow the procedure, you can do it, and there is a possibility that you will get a profit that is worth it, so let’s do our best!

First of all, it ’s something to prepare

1) Pancake swap

2) MetaMask wallet linked to BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

3) Virtual currency BETA (beta)

4) Cryptocurrency BNB (Binance Token)

It will be.


It’s probably the MetaMask settings that feel particularly difficult.

As for how to prepare the MetaMask wallet body, the explanation of coin check is easy to understand, so please prepare by referring to that.

>>> Link to “MetaMask"

>>> Coincheck “What is MetaMask? Link to “Explanation of how to use and how to deposit and remit tokens with 28 images"


At this point, MetaMask is set up for the Ethereum chain.

Next, link BSC (Binance Smart Chain) here.

Please refer to here for the method.

>>> Link to Enjoy My Life “How to connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain"

If you already know how to link and want only the necessary information to enter, this is the place to go, so please use it for copying.

◎, Network Name: BSC Mainnet

◎, New RPC URL:

◎, Chain ID: 56

◎, Currency Symbol: BNB

◎, Block Explorer URL:


If you can set up so far, you do not need to register anything for pancake swap, so it is okay to prepare.

Let’s see how to stake the virtual currency BETA!


Staking (fixed deposit) method

The reward you can receive for this staking is the virtual currency CAKE (pancake).

The annual interest rate fluctuates and depends on the number of participants,

About 180% ~


It was about 600-800% on the first day, so it is better to act early while there are many people watching.

Although this was a big drop compared to the first day, the interest rate is quite amazing, so there is no reason not to participate.

However, it is not an okay type of staking if you just fix the funds, so it is a little difficult, but let’s do our best to stake!


>>> Link to “Binance"

>>> Link to “Pancake Swap"

1) Transfer virtual currencies BNB and BETA from Binance to MetaMask

(Make sure MetaMask is Binance Smart Chain: BSC)

2) Click “connect wallet" at the top right of the pancake swap

3) MetaMask will start, so when you log in, it will be connected.

4) Click “trade" at the top left of the pancake, then click “liquidity"

5) Click “Find other LP tokens" displayed in the center of the screen

6) The screen labeled “BNB" opens above. Click “Select a tokens" at the bottom

7) A list of cryptocurrency stocks will appear. Type “BETA" in the search window and click “import".

8) A caution screen will appear stating “Be careful because there are fraudulent coins!", So check “I understand" and click “import".

9) Then, the screen with BNB on the top and BETA on the bottom will appear, so click “Add Liquidity".

10) The screen for entering the amount of virtual currency will be displayed, so enter the amount to stake.

(BNB and BETA need to be steaked as a set, so BNB is also available)

11) If there is no problem with the input contents, “Enter an amount" will change to “supply", so click

12) Then the conversion procedure to LP token for staking is completed, so wait for the transfer

13) Return to the pancake swap top page, click “Earn", then click “Farms"

14) Click “BETA-BNB" as a list of many steaks will appear.

15) Click “enable" on the right side of the displayed screen, and MetaMask will start. Click “Confirm".

16) Then BETA-BNB LP STAKED is displayed, enter the staking amount and complete.

* If you do so far, the meter on the left will start moving.

* The meter on the left is the accumulated staking reward, so just click “Harvest" to receive it.


While explaining, I too

“There will be many people who will be frustrated on the way …"

I feel that, so I think that there are probably few people who can do their best.

However, in the world of virtual currency, it is easy for many people who have worked hard to frustrate to earn enough profits. (Although not absolutely)

If you do your best

◎, annual interest rate 180% ~

◎, It will be possible to participate in other high interest rate staking

Therefore, please do your best.


This time, we have seen how to buy and stake the virtual currency BETA (beta).

Actually, there is a continuation of this, and if you stake the virtual currency CAKE introduced this time further, you will receive the virtual currency BETA.

If you stake the virtual currency BETA obtained from it further, you can get a virtual currency CAKE … You can create a cycle.

However, at this point

“I’m sorry. It may not be possible for me now …"

There are many people who have become, but it would be painful to add more at once, so I will omit it this time.


It’s okay to teach it directly to people who are close to you and are interested in it, but there are no people in contact right now.

Anyway, if you don’t act, nothing will be born, so if you are interested in it, why don’t you try your best?

However, there is a possibility that the virtual currency price will crash during staking (fixed deposit), so please invest at your own risk.











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