Cryptocurrencies are the lifeline of poor countries

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“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

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The denial of virtual currency is something that calls the poverty problem another person’s affairs

When you hear the word virtual currency in Japan

“Things for investors to make money"

“Something fraudulent"

“It’s new and difficult, and it’s not inconvenient as it is, so I don’t need it."

I think it’s a recognition like that.

However, virtual currency is one of the effective technologies for the poverty problem of SDGs.

>> Efforts to eliminate poverty from both the world and Japan. Causes and solutions of poverty. “2030 World Map Book Yoichi Ochiai"(This is a Japanese article)



Regarding this part, the director of an international bank that lends and invests in poor countries

“Cryptocurrencies are the lifeline of poor people. If you regulate them, you will lose a lot of lives if you don’t look at that part!"

Is warned.

In other words, people from developed countries

“I don’t need any virtual currency!"

To refuse or deny

“I don’t know what happens to people in poor countries! It’s a distant country anyway."

It’s like saying.


Of course, there are many people who deny it because they don’t know what virtual currency is, so I understand that they have no intention of doing so.

However, even though I do not know, it is denying virtual currency

“In poor countries, there are many people who want to eat but lose their lives without being able to eat it."

While educating the children, there is a contradiction that they are saying that they will take their lives.



Cryptocurrency is the existence that connects the lives of poor people at this moment

Then why is virtual currency the lifeline of people in poor countries?

On the other hand, I

“Because the remittance fee from overseas migrants is low, and it will be a chance to get out of poverty by participating in finance."

I think.

However, the director of the International Bank this time claims that it is a lifeline in a different point.

It was not such a fluent story to get out of the future like me

“What you need to connect your life at this very moment"

… apparently …



A concrete example of life that disappears now without virtual currency

As a concrete country name, it is easy to imagine in Japan, and Afghanistan is the country where many lives are lost without virtual currency at this moment.

I think it is new to my memory in Japan, but there is a coup d’etat in Afghanistan by the Islamic extremist group Taliban.

As a result, banks in Afghanistan are closed or the domestic currency cannot be used freely.

Furthermore, due to the closure of the bank, remittances from family members who are migrating overseas are also impossible.

The support money from overseas cannot be delivered to the people in need.

As a result, it is difficult to even buy today’s meal because there is no money.


Moreover, unlike Japan and the United States, it is not a wealthy country, so the nutritional status is not so good from the beginning, so if you do not eat for a few days, it will be fatal.

Furthermore, even if the bank is opened and remittances and support are started by international remittance, it will take more than a week for the current international remittance.

It’s too late to wait for a week to a few months!

Therefore, for a country like Afghanistan, the immediate remittance system is directly linked to life.



How cryptocurrencies save the lives of poor people

Afghanistan was taken as an example this time, but this also applies to other poor countries and countries in conflict zones.

In other words, in order to connect lives in countries like this Afghanistan

◎, the country regulates money and remittance networks

◎, It takes time to transfer money across countries

We need a mechanism to break through the problem.


Then, is there such a convenient mechanism?

It exists! !!

That is the virtual currency.

Virtual currency is

◎, Remittance between individuals is possible without going through a bank (some brands have an automatic exchange function in their home currency)

◎, a mechanism that no one can regulate

◎, remittance speed is immediate, several hours at the latest

So it’s exactly the lifeline of these countries.


Regardless of whether it is the Taliban, the Japanese government, the US government, or anyone, the remittance of virtual currency itself cannot be stopped.

That is why developed countries

“Cryptocurrencies reduce the value of yen and dollars!"

I’m scared, but from the perspective of the people of Afghanistan and other countries,

“It’s not the value of money in developed countries, and my family is about to die right now !!!"

Therefore, regulating virtual currencies is a life-threatening thing.



Ignorance is a sin

In this way, it is said that regulation alone after acknowledging its existence is life-threatening.

“I don’t need virtual currency! It’s not inconvenient as it is, it’s difficult and it’s not good!"

The act of denying that seems to be something very terrible.

There is a part that makes me think that I might have said something quite terrible without knowing it like this.

Exactly Socrates

“Ignorance is a sin"

That’s the thing.

* Ignorance is a sin: The sin caused by ignorance means that the act of concealing ignorance also overlaps and brings about worse results than ordinary sin.


Even so

“After all, virtual currency looks a little suspicious and I can not accept it!"

There are many people who say that.

However, if you find out that a well-established international organization is using virtual currency for humanitarian assistance, will it be accepted a little?

UNICEF, which is actually famous for humanitarian assistance, has been using virtual currency for several years.

>>> Link to UNICEF’s “Support for Children in the World: Innovation"


That’s why now

“People who deny cryptocurrencies don’t see people suffering in the world."

It is sometimes regarded as.

Even if the Japanese don’t need it, those who are suffering in the world need it right now to connect their lives at this moment.

I think it is very significant that a person in a good position put this into words.

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“Let’s study virtual currency for a moment?"

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