What is an NFT? How to participate?

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for that reason
“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

Of course, I try to provide meaningful information, but besides that, please use it to enjoy strange English.


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In Japan, NFT was nominated for the 2021 buzzword award.


“What is NFT? Is it so popular? I don’t know!"

Many people have heard that.

It seems that 2022 will spread to people who do not know it now, so let’s understand it now that we are interested in it even a little, and let’s go one step ahead of other people!


From there, I became interested and found out what NFT was.

“It’s difficult to explain and I don’t understand why !!!! What’s this after all !?"

It will be.

Therefore, this time, I am actually selling my own NFT.

“What is NFT? How to participate? “

I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.


By reading this article

◎, you can imagine what the cutting-edge NFT is.

◎, I can understand how to participate in NFT

◎, you can become familiar by touching various NFTs

◎, if you read it to the end, you will have a chance to get an NFT.

Let’s take a look at NFT together!

Things like attaching a pedigree to digital data

First of all, I will briefly express what kind of thing NFT is.

What is NFT?

“Things that attach a pedigree to digital data"

It can be said.


Of course, the expression changes depending on the viewpoint,

“I can’t even imagine what an NFT is!"

If you express it from your point of view, I think this is the most chic.

Do you know the pedigree of dogs and cats?

It is a document that proves the bloodline of the dog and cat.

In this pedigree

◎, the role of the owner’s certificate

◎, Role of bloodline / parent certificate

◎, the role of the certificate such as the breed, date of birth, name, etc. of the dog

And so on.


NFT has these roles in digital data as well.

Therefore, even if the CG / illustration looks the same at first glance, it will be different if it is an NFT.

◎, who has the illustration?

◎ What kind of people have you reached so far?

Etc. are different.

This is the same for the actual thing, so you can imagine it somehow, right?


For example, a commercially available hat.

If you sell a hat that I used without a name, it can be sold as a second-hand item.

However, what if the same commercially available hat was used by the world-famous Shohei Ohtani?

It is not a used item, but a special hat with a premiere, and it is traded at a higher price than the original selling price.

It is also proved who had the thing so far, so it is NFT that such a phenomenon also occurs in data such as illustrations.

In the world now

“NFT sold for 100 million yen !!!"

This is the reason why people are making noise.

The point is that it is a high-value transaction at the premier price.


Now that you know what an NFT is, the important thing is the merit of using an NFT.

So, 3 points about this area that is worrisome about NFT

①, what can be achieved with NFT?

② What are the necessary items and preparations for buying and selling?

③, get your own NFT

Let’s take a closer look at these together!


① What can be achieved?

As far as I know, I would like to introduce four major points that can be done with NFT.

◎, a second-hand market for data is created

◎, as a substitute for tickets and VIP membership cards that remain as assets

◎, you can monetize game items

◎, can prove ownership of movables


<A second-hand market for data is created>

Typical things that can be achieved by NFT

“Create a second-hand market for digital data"


Before NFT, there could be no second-hand market for digital data.

◎, the purchased data cannot be sold (copyright infringement)

◎, anyone can download the data if they want it.

◎, because it is easy to copy, no one buys it as a used work

It’s like that.


However, since the NFT has a digital data pedigree, the records from the author to the current owner will continue to be clearly recorded.

Thanks to the pedigree, the ownership of NFTs is recognized.

for that reason

◎, you can sell the purchased data (sell ownership)

◎, the commercial value of just copied data disappears

Etc. are expected.


To give an easy-to-understand example, for example, an ebook.

Currently, the only option for e-books that have been read is to keep the data or delete the data.

However, if it is an NFT-ized e-book, you can sell it to someone after you finish reading it.

In other words, you will be able to do the same thing with e-books as you would with paper books.


<Instead of tickets and VIP membership cards that remain as assets>

Since NFT is a data pedigree, it can be used as a ticket or membership card as another role.

The image is that only those who have a pedigree can get the products in the store cheaper or put them in a membership-based store.

Of course, it can only be used where the service is installed.


If you briefly introduce the existing services

◎, Instead of a ticket to enter a theater or movie theater in the Metaverse

◎, You can buy a specific NFT at a bargain price ・ You can get it for free

◎, You can participate in the pre-sale of specific virtual currencies

And so on.

In Japan, this usage is rarely used yet, but in the United States, this usage is becoming mainstream.

me too

“If you have this NFT, I’ll give you another NFT for free!"

And so on, I have one NFT that acts like a VIP membership card.

>>> Link to Futahii’s NFT “FlareFinance Delorian NFT Page"


As a bonus, movie tickets and shop receipts may be kept as memories, but they are basically garbage.

However, with NFT, it can be an asset in itself, so there is also the advantage that the ticket itself can be worth it!


<You can monetize game items>

Do you play games on your smartphone?

Does the game remain after quitting?

“A feeling of emptiness? Regret?"

Some may say, but games that use NFTs

“Assets (NFT)"



In NFT games, the characters, items, equipment, etc. used in the game are NFT, so the characters, etc. obtained in the game remain as assets.

Of course, since it is an NFT, you can buy and sell it.


“I built a house with the profits of NFT games!"

It seems that some people are there.

It seems that Japanese Square Enix and Konami are also beginning to be interested in NFT games, so in the future there may be one after another that can be monetized with interesting games!


* Blockchain game = NFT game.

*Articles linked in Japanese are articles in Japanese.


<Prove ownership of movables>

This is the latest usage as of December 2021, and it is a service that I am paying close attention to now.

What can be achieved by it

“It is possible to prove ownership of movables"


>>> Link to “WraoTag Official Site"

I’m sorry I used a little difficult language.

Movables are things other than real estate such as land and houses.

Therefore, bags, shoes, and pencils are all movables.


However, isn’t this movable property mistaken for someone else’s and you don’t know who it is anymore?

For example, a vinyl umbrella.

When I entered the restaurant, I put it in the umbrella stand in front of the restaurant, but it was full of vinyl umbrellas and I couldn’t tell who it was!

Why don’t you know your umbrella?

It’s because you don’t know the owner.

That means that if you know the owner, you can’t mistake it for another person’s umbrella.


That’s why there are people who write their names on umbrellas.

If the name is written, you can tell at a glance who the umbrella belongs to.


“No, I don’t like writing my name on an umbrella! It’s awkward, and it’s unpleasant for an unspecified number of people to know my real name."

Many people say that.


There is NFT.

I will omit it because it seems difficult to explain the principle, but NFT makes it possible to register the owner of things that can not prove the owner at the moment!

This time, I gave an example that it would be mixed with other people’s things and it would be difficult to understand, but it is also convenient if a commercial product sold everywhere encounters a thief.


Usually when a similar thing is found somewhere after being stolen

“Proof that commercial products everywhere are mine"

Must be done.

As a former police officer, I clearly say that this can be difficult or almost impossible.

If it has been sold to a pawn shop, it will be difficult because the rights of the pawn shop will be involved.

However, if you are using NFT

“It’s my stolen thing! Because the NFT has proven ownership!"

You will be able to say that.

Therefore, NFT knowledge is essential for police officers in the future!


When I was able to imagine what an NFT is and how it will be used,

“Then how do you get it?"

I’m curious.

So, I will touch on this area.

However, at the moment (December 3, 2021), the hurdle is a little high.

for that reason,

“I don’t know what you’re saying! I can’t!"

If you think so, I think it’s okay to skip it once.

From December of this year, the movement to significantly lower this hurdle will start to appear from LINE, Yahoo Auction, Mercari, etc., so I think it will not be too late to touch NFT again from there.


② What are the necessary items and preparations for buying and selling?

<Items to prepare>

NFT is data that can be bought and sold, so it is necessary to prepare the necessary items for buying and selling.

On top of that, NFT-specific preparations

“NFT wallet"



Since NFT gives a special pedigree of data, it is necessary to prepare a special wallet called “wallet" exclusively for NFT.

(In the first place, wallet is an English word that means a wallet.)

There are other things to prepare, so I will list them.

◎, wallet

◎, Money for buying and selling (virtual currency is still mainstream)

◎, NFT market

And so on.


The wallet is a wallet for NFT, as introduced earlier.

At the moment, it is still the mainstream to buy and sell money for buying and selling in virtual currency.

This part raises the bar a little, isn’t it?

However, we are working hard so that LINE, Yahoo Auction, Mercari, etc., which we introduced a little earlier, can be bought and sold in yen, so I think it is okay to enter after that is realized.

Another NFT market is the place to buy and sell NFTs.

It is more like a flea market than a store.

Individuals sell and buy NFTs there, so if you want to get an NFT in the future and want to sell it, you will use this NFT market to sell it.


The NFTs that can be handled differ depending on the market, so find and use the market that handles the NFTs you want to buy and sell.

However, it will be difficult to find it by yourself, so I will introduce a representative market.



Opensea is the world’s largest NFT market.

>>> Link to “Opensea"

Basically, anyone can buy and sell any NFT.

Regarding NFT

“There is no problem just here!"

It’s a versatile market, and of course I also use it.

>>> Link to Opensea “Futahii Page"

However, you can only buy and sell with virtual currency, and you have to make a dedicated wallet by yourself, so it may be a little hurdle for beginners.


<Coincheck NFT>

It is an NFT market handled by Coincheck, a major virtual currency exchange in Japan.

>>> Link to “Coincheck NFT"

If you have a Coincheck account, you can use it together with a wallet for NFT, so it is convenient because you do not have to make a separate wallet yourself.

However, the virtual currency handled by Coincheck is required for buying and selling.

The products that can be bought and sold are limited, such as NFT games NFT and SKE48 trading card NFT.



LINE that we usually use as a community tool.

We are also developing NFT market services here.

Since it is an in-app service, it will be used in the app.

1) Tap “Home" on the LINE app

2) Tap “Service more"

3) A list of LINE services will appear, so go down and tap “LINE BITMAX Wallet" from “Financial".

4) Register your password and start using it.

5) Tap “Market" from the token items and function selection at the top.

That is the NFT market provided by LINE.


I think that this will soon correspond to the yen.

The products we handle are Metaverse, Momoiro Clover Z Trading Card NFT, Molcar NFT, LINE NFT, etc.

It seems that it is increasing one after another, so it is expected that the lineup will increase in the future.

For those who want to touch NFT from now on, if you know these 3 places, I think that there is no problem for the time being.


As a bonus, I also use NFT for this blog article, so if you are interested, please come and see the NFT for this article!

>>> Link to OpenSea “Futahii NFT Page"


③ Get your own NFT

You have seen so far, surely

“I’m sorry, I want some NFT too!"

You probably thought.

However, I hesitate to buy an NFT for tens of thousands of yen.

Therefore, for you, I am now running a campaign to give away NFTs for free! !! !!

Why don’t you take this opportunity to get your own NFT?

The campaign is until December 30th.


Because we will give presents using the Opensea introduced earlier, it may be a little hurdle for beginners.

However, I also made an article that explains how to prepare the wallet, necessary procedures, etc. with images, so please do your best to get your own NFT!

Click here for details of the campaign.


The NFT you are giving as a gift is an NFT like this, with the face photo part and the character part rewritten to your specified contents.

*NFT made for myself

* NFT provided to Mr. Kuroneko Kobo, who is collaborating



NFT can be said to be a technology that attaches a pedigree to digital data.


On top of that, there are three things I would like you to know at this opportunity.

① What can be achieved?

“Data can be sold, games can be capitalized, movable property ownership proof, etc."

② What are the necessary items and preparations for buying and selling?

“Dedicated wallet, money for purchase, NFT market"

③, get your own NFT

“I am conducting a free gift campaign"


With this, you can understand what the state-of-the-art NFT is.

I think I could have somehow imagined how to participate in NFT.

I think there are many parts that cannot be understood just by looking at the letters.

Therefore, what kind of thing is NFT and how is it traded?

First of all, let’s take a look at the NFT market and experience the atmosphere!

>>> Link to Opensea “Futahii’s NFT Collection Page"


It may be gradual, but for you NFT

“Daily and familiar things"

It will become!

Knowledge alone does not change anything.

Knowledge comes to life only after acting!

It doesn’t matter if it’s small, so please take action!








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