The custom of giving a Japanese New Year’s card,and NFT

This article was translated into English by Google Translate by the author who understands only Japanese.

for that reason
“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

Of course, I try to provide meaningful information, but besides that, please use it to enjoy strange English.


There are customs around the world to give away cards to celebrate the New Year.

But Japan is a little different.
Christmas is Christmas.
New Year is New Year.
These are celebrated as completely different things.

The card that celebrates this New Year is called a “年賀状 (nengajou)".

In Japan, if you post a New Year’s card by around December 20, all New Year’s cards will be delivered to the other party on January 1.

Normally, in Japan, when you post a letter, it will be delivered to the other party in 1 to 2 days, but only the New Year’s card is special.

In Japan, the New Year is not only a good opportunity to celebrate the new year, but also a good opportunity to start a new thing, and declares a goal.

Therefore, we use the words “おめでとう(omedetou)" for the New Year’s words.

“おめでとう(omedetou)" means “Congratulations" in English.
However, as the etymology, it means “a new sprout will come out", which means to celebrate a new self.

Such Japanese New Year’s cards have some implicit rules, not just messages.

①, please write only one word that represents the New Year
* There are multiple words that represent the New Year in Japanese, such as “賀正(gashou)" and “謹賀新年(kingasinnen)","元旦(gantan)",元日(ganjitu).etc
②, please write the words to celebrate the new year
* 新年あけましておめでとうございます(shinnen-akemasite-omedetou-gozaimasu), Happy New Year, etc. It is okay to write this in English.
③ Draw an illustration of the zodiac of the year
* Zodiac = There are 12 animals that symbolize the year. And these continue to change every year

◎, Send a New Year’s card to Japan
◎, People who are interested in Japanese customs and want to imitate
Please be aware of such things.

Even if it is said that way
“Even if you say so, it’s difficult!"
I think there are many people who feel that.


Therefore, in 2022, I made a design that can actually be used as a Japanese New Year’s card.
And here is the NFT version of it.

>>>Link to OpenSea『Japanese New Year’s card design#1

>>>Link to OpenSea『Japanse New Year`s card design#2』


Those who have purchased NFT are free to use it without permission.

Also, even if you haven’t bought it, anyone can copy and paste the illustrations for the things I own (futahii) and use them for free.
However, in that case, please be sure to inform me on SNS etc.


Please give a Japanese New Year’s card to an acquaintance!









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