Introducing the list of “Cryptocurrency Airdrop Information 2021 (Futahii Participation Scheduled Version)”.

This article was translated into English by Google Translate by the author who understands only Japanese.

for that reason
“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

Of course, I try to provide meaningful information, but besides that, please use it to enjoy strange English.


As long as you are investing in virtual currency

“I want to increase my assets as much as possible !!!"

Everyone thinks, big or small.

If you are doing virtual currency there, there are events that you should definitely suppress


It is a thing called.


Airdrop is an event where you can get virtual currency for free.


◎, the price of related stocks will rise

◎, assets will increase by the amount of virtual currency received

There is a merit.


“I don’t know because there are various brands of virtual currency!"

“I can’t follow the airdrop information from various brands!"

“How can I get that information !?"

“Please list someone and tell me!"

There are many voices.


Therefore, I will participate this time

“Virtual currency airdrop information 2021"

Introducing the list of.


By reading this article

◎, you can find various airdrop information here that is difficult to find by yourself.

◎, you can participate in the upcoming airdrop

◎, It is possible to increase assets by participating in Airdrop


Airdrop is not a first-come-first-served basis, so we all want to spread it together as a fellow cryptocurrency player and get excited!

If you would like to participate in the excitement, I would be grateful if you could spread this article on Twitter and end.

Let’s take a look at the airdrop information that I plan to participate in!


Airdrop with low burden and high profitability

What are the features of AirDrop that I plan to participate in?

“Airdrop with a small burden of participation and high profitability"



Actually, new things are announced every day for the airdrop itself.

However, most of them

◎, Register and participate in the English chat community

◎, Register with a small overseas exchange that you do not use

◎, you will receive e-mail newsletters and notifications on a daily basis

◎, you need to buy an unnamed virtual currency that you are afraid to buy

And so on.

There are too many notifications, etc., and meaningful information and waiting information are buried, so I regard these as burdens and risks.

Therefore, even if there is airdrop information itself, we will not participate unless there is a reward that is commensurate with it.


So the airdrop I participate in is

“Airdrop with low burden and high profitability"

Will be the center.

However, even if the burden is heavy and the rate of return is low

“Still, I want to know!"

I think there are people who say that.

For such people, I will tell you the airdrop information source of the grass coin I am using, so please stay with me until the end.


5 airdrops that I plan to participate in in 2021

①, Airdrop of virtual currency IOST holder

②, Airdrop of virtual currency FLR (XRP) holder

③, Airdrop of virtual currency UKH token holder

④, Airdrop of virtual currency LISK holder

⑤, Virtual currency RC (Rijin Collection Token?)

In addition to this, the grass coin airdrop information source mentioned earlier

+ α, grass coin airdrop source


Let’s take a closer look at these together!



① Airdrop of virtual currency IOST holder


“Airdrop that people with virtual currency IOST can participate in"


Although the official announcement has not been made yet, there are still some parts that I do not understand, so I will include my prediction a little.

◎, Airdrop time: September 30, 2021, 17:00 (Japan time)

◎, Virtual currency you can get: Virtual currency DON

◎, Airdrop amount: 500,000 sheets (divided by IOST holder)

◎, How to get: It Automatically granted if you deposit IOST at an exchange that announces airdrop support

◎, Corresponding exchange:Unpublished



② Airdrop of virtual currency FLR (XRP) holder


“Airdrop that people with virtual currency FLR (spark token) can participate"



This virtual currency FLR (spark token) itself is a virtual currency that can be received by airdrop with the participation of virtual currency XRP (ripple) holders.

I haven’t received this yet, but I can’t participate in it from now on, so I skipped that part.

On top of that, although it will be limited to those who can receive the virtual currency FLR (spark token), two airdrops have been announced.

◎, Virtual currency SGB (Songbird)

◎, virtual currency YFLR



<Cryptocurrency SGB (Songbird)>

The first virtual currency SGB (Songbird) is

◎, Airdrop time After receiving virtual currency FLR (after the end of September)

◎, Airdrop amount: Almost the same amount as the first virtual currency FLR amount

◎, how to get

・ People who have done the virtual currency FLR airdrop procedure by themselves can get it in the wallet.

・ Those who have completed the procedure through the exchange apply for distribution to the exchange.


Please read this article for more details about this virtual currency SGB (Songbird) Airdrop.

>>>We will explain the latest information of “Airdrop distribution of virtual currency SGB (Songbird token)” in an easy-to-understand manner.


<Cryptocurrency YFLR>

Another virtual currency YFLR airdrop

◎, Airdrop time: Deadline within 1 month after distribution of virtual currency FLR

◎, Airdrop amount 58/10000 of virtual currency FLR (0.0058 per one)

◎, How to get the virtual currency FLR in the designated account during the due date


Please read here for more details, including the currently known designated accounts.

>>> “Cryptocurrency spark holders can participate in AirDrop" We will explain the participation method and details in an easy-to-understand manner.

※The link is to a Japanese article



③ Airdrop of virtual currency UKH token holder


“Airdrop that people with virtual currency UKH token can participate"


I think that there are many people who have never seen or heard the virtual currency UKH token itself.

The method of buying is still limited, so please read this article about that area.

It is one of the cryptocurrency brands that I am most expecting and paying attention to right now.

>>> The first virtual currency “What is UKH / Ukehi Token?" 』\ I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.

※The link is to a Japanese article


On top of that, this is an airdrop, but I don’t know the details yet.

If you look as far as you can understand

◎, Virtual currency you can get Virtual currency IZNG (Izanagi), Virtual currency IZNM (Izanami)

◎, Airdrop time: Mid-September

◎, Airdrop amount unknown

◎, How to get: Steak the virtual currency UKH token on the Shinobi wallet

Please read here for Shinobi wallet.

>>> A must-see for those who want to easily manage their assets with virtual currency! “What is Shinobi Wallet? ] Will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

※The link is to a Japanese article


If information about virtual currencies IZNG and IZNM comes out in the future, we will update and introduce features.

>>> What are virtual currencies IZNG and IZNM? (Scheduled to be created in a separate article)



④ Airdrop of virtual currency LISK holder


“Airdrops for those who have the virtual currency LISK"



The current community of virtual currency LISK does not seem to like disseminating information from the investor’s point of view, and if you do not provide “strict and accurate information" like an engineer system, you will be hit by a bag, so I will go smoothly here.

Actually, I have trauma and I don’t want to be involved with them again, so I don’t want to send out information about LISK, but I think there are beginners who want to know, and I’m looking forward to LISK and Airdrop!

* It is not an airdrop by the developer of the virtual currency LISK!

(↑↑↑ If you don’t write this, you’ll be hit by a bag like “Do not give information like LISK airdrops !!! It gets in the way! It’s harmful !!!", so I’ll write it for the time being! )


◎, Virtual currency you can get Virtual currency CLSK (Capital risk)

◎, Airdrop time: Distributed monthly from the end of September 2021 to 12 months

◎, Amount to be received: Number of designated VOTE destinations and their ranking. Varies depending on the amount of LISK used for VOTE (38% of the total number issued is distributed to LISK holders)

◎, How to get: VOTE to the designated member on the LISK official wallet → Create a CLSK wallet → Send to yourself with the lisk official wallet: At that time, enter the CLSK address in the message field → Wait for automatic transfer

* Probably the app is not currently running.


Currently open members

◎ jong

◎ ray_55

◎ someone someone

◎ save the world

◎ mrgr


It seems that all VOTEs have been reset once after the update, so if you VOTE again early in the early days when there are many wait-and-see people, the reward may be better, so please do not bother yourself and do it as soon as possible!

I can’t say anything more because of the circumstances I mentioned earlier.

Please ask the people who are familiar with the LISK community.



⑤, Virtual currency RC (Rijin Collection Token?)


“Airdrop for virtual currency RC + NFT"

Will be

Because there is no official reading, what? There is a mark.

This is a fan token issued by the Japanese martial arts organization Rizin.

At the end of 2021, Rijin officially announced that it would open its own NFT market.

>>> Link to “Rizin Fighting Collection"


Along with that, an air drop will be held as an initial privilege campaign.

The things you get will become gorgeous according to the number of followers on the official Twitter account.

“Limited NFT + Virtual Currency RC (Rijin Collection Token?)"

Is the basis.


How to participate

1. Follow the official Twitter account

2. Initial registration after opening the Rizin Fighting Collection

Everyone can get it.

>>> Link to “Rizin Fighting Collection Twitter Account"


If it is advertised at a big martial arts event on New Year’s Eve, it may succeed in attracting martial arts fans who are not interested in virtual currency now!

After all, the limited NFT market has been opened!

Please refer to this article for this area as well.

>>>"Three notable events of virtual currency IOST! [Late 2021]] will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

※The link is to a Japanese article



+ α Grass coin airdrop information source

Lastly, I rarely participate, but some of you may want to know the source.

“Source of grass coin airdrop"

I would like to introduce and conclude.


What I use as an airdrop information source for grass coins



>>> Link to “Airdromania"

※The link is to a Japanese article


The degree of reliability and attention is indicated by ★, and the participation method is organized in an easy-to-understand manner, so it is easy to use.

However, there is nothing that makes me feel that the essential airdrop itself is very attractive!

This is a story for me

“I will do my best to receive air drops!"

Recommended for those who say!

Please use it by all means.




The airdrops I participate in will be less burdensome and more profitable.


On top of that, 4 points + α

①, Airdrop of virtual currency IOST holder

“Summer 2021, details are still unknown"


②, Airdrop of virtual currency FLR (XRP) holder

“From the end of September 2021, you can get virtual currency SGB and virtual currency YFLR"


③, Airdrop of virtual currency UKH token holder

“In mid-September 2021, you can get virtual currencies IZNG and IZNM"


④, Airdrop of virtual currency LISK holder

“Autumn 2021, you can get the virtual currency CLSK"

* LISK does not airdrop.


⑤, Virtual currency RC (Rijin Collection Token?)

“At the end of 2021, you can get a limited NFT + virtual currency RC"


+ α, grass coin airdrop source

“I’m using a site or app called Airdromania"


With this, you were able to know the airdrop information that is difficult to find by yourself.

Now that I know how to participate, I can participate in the upcoming airdrop.

You can increase your assets by participating in AirDrop.


If there is information in the future or if there is a new airdrop of interest, I will add it, so please add a Hatena bookmark and visit again several times!

Thank you for reading this far.










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