I will share with you the Futahii Shimbun “Latest Information I Found in the Morning”. [September 24, 2021]

This article was translated into English by Google Translate by the author who understands only Japanese.

for that reason
“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

Of course, I try to provide meaningful information, but besides that, please use it to enjoy strange English.


※If you want to study Japanese, please read this together with the original article in Japanese.



It is said that the morning is the most active time for the brain to enter information and work.

Do you have a habit of reading every morning, reading newspapers, collecting information, and making the most of your brain?


“I’m just sleeping from sleepy to the last minute in the morning."

“Newspapers are difficult and annoying, so it’s impossible! Reading is hard, and even if you say information gathering, you don’t know where to get what!"

“I have to start something! Even if I’m enthusiastic, it won’t continue just at the beginning."

And so on, in the part where many working people collect and learn information

“I think I’ll do it, but it’s difficult."

I am in great trouble.


Therefore, this time, I used the gap time to make it a habit of collecting information every day.

“Latest information purchased in the morning (September 24, 2021 version)"

Will be shared with everyone in the form of a newspaper summary article.


I want you to get into the habit of doing something in the morning, so please follow us on Twitter, add a bookmark for each article, register for the LINE e-mail newsletter, etc., and read it every day conveniently.


* All deliveries are in Japanese


By reading this article every day

◎, become a habit of collecting information and acquire learning habits

◎, Even people who do not have an information collection source can get a lot of information at once.

◎, you can go one step ahead of other working people just by reading every day

◎, You can make people happy every day just by getting information from here every day (I am very happy)


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(Started on September 24, 2021)


Because I run it by myself, please understand that I cannot create it when there is other strong attention information that should be published, or when I have a business and cannot write a blog.

Let’s take a look at the Futahii newspaper on September 24, 2021!


① Weekly report of virtual currency IOST

Cryptocurrency IOST is booming, but the event report for the past week has been issued by Mr. Jen, the official community manager.

>>> Link to “IOST Bi-Weekly Report"

We will briefly introduce the events described in the article, so please refer to it for those who have just started to be interested in IOST and those who like it but have not been able to catch up.


◎, advance function development and research

◎, Twitter followers exceeded 260,000

>>> Link to “IOST Official Twitter Account"

◎, Please note that there are scams that take advantage of the excitement of IOST.

◎, Partnership with zodium, an NFT blockchain game (I also do airdrop!)

>>> Link to “zodium official website"

◎, IOST national completion

>>> Link to Spotify “IOST Nation"

◎, etc. (Airdrop participating exchanges, etc.)



② Himegami protocol project related information

The project from Japan that I am paying attention to now

“Princess Protocol"

Here’s some recent new information.

(* Maybe the development team is busy, it’s hard to collect information because they don’t send out much information in the official forum.)


◎, Virtual currency bUKH token is listed on the exchange Coinsbit (pair with USDT (dollar token))

>>> Link to “Coinsbit"

◎, posted on CoinMarketCap

>>> Link to “CoinMarketCap’s bUKH token page"

◎, Information about Susanoo service will be released soon

(What is Susanoo? I’ve never heard of it! I don’t know because the official doesn’t send much information!)

◎, September 24 Samurai Manager (FX service on Shinobi wallet) will be implemented

◎, Himekami collection (blockchain game) service start postponed until the end of October

Nothing is officially released, it is information from influencers.

>>> Link to Youtube video “Himekami Collection and Samurai Manager implementation date decided !? I will talk a little about UKH breaking news !!"


For those who are “What is a bUKH token?", “What is a Shinobi wallet?", “What is a Himekami collection?", Please use this category.

>> Link to “Princess Protocol Category"



③ Activated use of Flare’s SGB token

Flare’s virtual currency SGB (Songbird Token) has been air-dropped and is exciting.

However, this token is a test token for the virtual currency FLR (spark token) used in the actual Flarenet.

for that reason,

“Is it like this when actually used?"

It seems that the test is becoming active.


In particular, FTSO is an active method of using the virtual currency SGB (Songbird Token).

FTSO is terribly crisp

“People who are doing activities that contribute to the part Flare is looking for"


And those who have the virtual currency SGB (Songbird Token) can get rewards by voting for them.


Is it possible to vote from a wallet that supports this vote?

I haven’t received the virtual currency SGB from Coincheck yet, so I don’t have the motivation to chase that much and I’m not sure about this area.

I’m sorry.

Here is a list of FTSOs to vote for.

>>> Link to “Flare FTSO List"


* SongBird official community

“People who participated through the exchange should strongly apply to distribute to the exchange."

And they are putting pressure on each exchange.

>> Link to “SongBird Official Community Tweets"



④ Twitter releases Bitcoin tossing function

It seems that Twitter has implemented a Bitcoin tossing function on Twitter.

However, it seems that it is still only an iPhone application, and it will be compatible with Android applications in the future.

It seems that the PC version has not been touched and is undecided.


I personally write it at the end of the article

“In the future, we may be able to replace NFTs!"

That part is more interesting!
>>> Link to coin post “Twitter releases Bitcoin tossing function"

Because I also issue and sell NFTs.
Please come to see it.
>>> Link to OpenSea “Futahii Collection"



⑤ ENJIN free NFT is being distributed

The virtual currency ENJIN distributes NFT for free.

How to receive

1) Get the ENJIN official wallet app

2) Read the QR code with the app

3) Complete with the required approval, etc.

The official wallet download, QR code, etc. are posted at the top of the ENJIN official website.

>>> Link to “ENJIN official website"



⑥ Kingdom of Bhutan partners with Ripple to introduce digital currency

* The example in the article is written for Japanese people
in Japan

“A poor country, but a country with a very high degree of national happiness"

Famous as the Kingdom of Bhutan.

It seems that the introduction of digital currency is being promoted here.

And the technology used for that purpose is Ripple’s technology, which is also used for the virtual currency XRP.

>>> Link to “Kingdom of Bhutan, Ripple and Partnership with Digital Currency Introduction"


Developed countries around the world, including Japan, have various vested interests,

“You don’t have to force yourself to do something new, right?"

It is said that it will take time to introduce such new technology because there are so many people.


On the other hand, developing countries (developing countries) do not have vested interests to protect them, and there are few negative people, so it is said that technological innovation will occur at once over developed countries.

Actually, it is said that some countries in Africa and Southeast Asia are far more advanced in the fields of electronic payments and the sharing economy than Japan.


Therefore, the number of cryptocurrency projects that are taking action from Africa, such as cryptocurrency LSH (one of the sidechain projects of cryptocurrency LISK), is increasing.

Recently, Bitcoin has become a legal tender in the Republic of El Salvador.

>>> History moves! “The day El Salvador turns Bitcoin into fiat currency" I will explain this event in an easy-to-understand manner.(* This article is in Japanese)

I’m looking forward to the Kingdom of Bhutan.



⑦ Chinese government intends not to save the Evergrande Group?

The bankruptcy crisis problem of “Evergrande Group", one of the large companies that support the Chinese economy.

Isn’t it having a big impact on the world economy? It is attracting attention.

Please read here for details of this event.

>>> What is the “China" Evergrande “bankruptcy crisis problem?" I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner even to those who are not good at difficult things.


The most notable point in this event is

“Will China use public funds to help? Will it not help?"


Regarding this part, the Chinese government

“Do not help"

I took an action that seems to be.


More specifically, the government has addressed local bureaus in China

“The Evergrande Group may go bankrupt! Prepare for the storm now!"

It is said that he issued an instruction.

In other words, I didn’t say that I wouldn’t help directly, but it’s like saying that I wouldn’t help implicitly.

Is it really going bankrupt as it is?

And when and how much impact will it have on the world economy?

Let’s pay attention!

>> Link to The Wall Street Journal “China, Evergrande Bankruptcy Measures Instructions"



⑧ List of new stocks on Bybit

It seems that 4 new stocks have been listed on the virtual currency exchange Bybit.

Listed stocks

◎, UNI (Uni Swap Token)

◎, SUSHI (Sushi Swap Token)

◎, YFI (Yarn Finance Token)

◎, LINK (chain link)

That’s right.

>>> Link to “Bybit Listing Notice Tweet"


Bybit is currently holding a large-scale campaign airdrop listing on the virtual currency BIT, so if you are interested, you may open an account.

>>> I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner “Campaign airdrop information that you can get virtual currency BIT".(This is a Japanese article)



⑨ Video call / conference function implemented in Internet browser Brave

Brave, an internet browser that uses blockchain technology.

Just use this to browse the internet

◎, privacy is automatically protected

◎, advertisement is automatically cut

◎, you can get virtual currency BAT automatically

It has features such as.


It seems that Brave has a function that allows you to make video calls and meetings.

From a light glance, is it basically a call between individuals that can be used for free?

I haven’t investigated in detail because there is no one to use, but it seems like that.

>>> Link to “Feature implementation article like Zoom in Brave"



⑩ Uber Eats delivery staff passed a bill to improve the working environment in New York

As mentioned in the September 13th edition of the Futahii Shimbun, it seems that the poverty problem of people who work like Uber Eats delivery staff is becoming more serious in the United States. (Japan also?)

>>> Futahii Newspaper September 13th edition (Japanese article)


In these trends, New York City passed a law to secure their minimum wage.

More specifically

◎ Allow delivery staff to rent a toilet in the store (it seems to be rejected in the US)

◎, set a limit to prevent the delivery distance from being forced

◎, set a minimum wage for each delivery

◎, tip should go to the delivery person

And so on.

Although not yet in Japan, this movement may come to Japan in the future, so Uber delivery staff should check it out.




Today I got information about 10 of these with Zackri in the morning.

It is difficult to make a blog article by itself, but it seems that there are many people who want to know, so I will share it with everyone.


With this, it became a habit to collect information, and you were able to obtain one of the sources of information and the opportunity to acquire learning habits.

I think that even people who do not have an information collection source could get a lot of information at once from this article alone.

You can go one step ahead of other working people just by reading this series of articles every day.

It is said that the average study time for Japanese working people is 6 minutes, so that time will be exceeded.


And you can make people happy every day just by getting information from here every day, spreading it, and giving it a tip!

Because I’m really happy and motivated just because there are people who look at my information!

Thank you to everyone who read it and who always come to read it.









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