“China completely bans cryptocurrencies” How it is perceived in Japan

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for that reason
“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

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On September 24, 2021, China announced that it would ban all actions related to crypto assets and arrest any act of breaking it as a crime. (Since virtual currency is more familiar to Japanese people, we will write it as virtual currency below)

>>> Link to Yomiuri Shimbun “China completely bans exchange of crypto assets, pursues criminal liability"

In response to this, the virtual currency price plummeted entirely.


That’s why especially from beginners

“It’s dangerous! What happens to virtual currencies !? What’s happening !?"

“What will happen in the future? I’m worried because I still have a lot of virtual currencies."

“Some people said that cryptocurrency would end, so should I sell it? I’m a beginner, I don’t know even if I look it up, please tell me !!!!"

Many voices of anxiety have been heard.


Therefore, this time

“Why China bans cryptocurrencies altogether, and its implications and views in the future"

I will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.


By reading this article

◎, you can see the reason why China completely banned virtual currencies

◎, You can calmly organize how investors and detailed people perceive this event.

◎, beginners who are panicking about the information that incites anxiety can calm down


However, no one knows the future.

The content of this time is just an opinion / opinion, and it is up to you to make the final decision.

Please invest at your own risk.

Let’s take a look at the event that China completely banned virtual currencies!


Why China has banned the handling of virtual currencies altogether

<Part of joint wealth policy>

The reason why China completely banned virtual currencies at this timing is now being promoted by China

“Joint wealth policy"

It is thought to be in.

What is a joint wealth policy?

“If you are rich, distribute the money to those who do not have it! Then there will be no disparity across the country and as a result everyone will be happy!"

It is a policy.


Therefore, the government will take a large amount of money from the rich and distribute it to the poor.

Normally, it doesn’t end there, and it tends to not allow people to make extra money.

“The stakes that come out are smashed by hitting them with all their might!"

It’s easy to become.

This is one of the characteristics of communism, so in a sense, China has begun to show the movement of the People’s Republic of China, as the country name suggests.

Please read this article about the way of thinking around here.

>> “What is the difference between the right and left wings?"  I will explain with a concrete example in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.(This is a Japanese article)


Then what is the means to get rich?

Yes, investment, real estate, entertainment, education industry, etc.

So, virtual currency is an investment field, so it was cracked down.

Therefore, China strictly prohibits not only virtual currencies but also the industries mentioned above.


For example, education and cram school are said to be in a very miserable state.

“Don’t make a profit!"

So it seems that almost all cram schools are closed.

Other real estate.

This has also been subject to strict regulations, and has recently developed into the issue of bankruptcy of the evergrande group, which has become a hot topic.

If you do not understand this event, please read this article.

>>> What is the “China" Evergrande “bankruptcy crisis problem?"  I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner even to those who are not good at difficult things.

The move this time is like the wave of regulation has reached virtual currencies.


<Why did you suddenly start a joint wealth policy? >

The joint wealth policy is a policy to crack down on it.

“Then why did you come here and suddenly start doing that?"

I’m worried about.

Although it became the world’s second largest economy, this move to abandon it is a waste, isn’t it?


Probably in the background

“Because I want to spread the digital currency (Digital RMB) all over the world"

It is believed that there is a speculation.


China is the first in the world to commercialize and popularize the digital RMB as soon as possible.

“Instead of the dollar, China’s legal tender" RMB “will be used as the world currency !!!"

I think.

And in order to popularize the digital yuan, virtual currency is one of the most intrusive things.

* Digital RMB is a legal tender that China guarantees its value as money. Money that just digitized this.

* Cryptocurrency guarantees the value as money for all those who have it. A new form of digitized money.


A digital yuan that China guarantees and will not lose its value as money unless China collapses.

A virtual currency that has the same value all over the world as long as there is demand and will not lose its value as money.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a hindrance for China.

That’s why it is excluded.

This is the background and reason for this total ban.


On top of that, what we care about is

“Then, what will happen to cryptocurrencies in the future? What is the impact of this event?"

That’s right.

So, let’s take a look at the two ways of thinking about this area + the personal views of the two.

①, the way of thinking that virtual currency is over

②,The idea of ​​a good material group for virtual currencies

③, a personal way of thinking about the lid


Let’s take a look at various voices about the future of virtual currencies together!



① The way of thinking that virtual currency is over


“This is the end of the cryptocurrency bubble. The slump will continue for a long time."

Let’s take a look at the way of thinking of those who think.


Of course, there are various ways of thinking, but the main ideas of people with this way of thinking are

“In the first place, there is no existence that guarantees the value of virtual currency. Furthermore, not only China but all over the world are not happy with virtual currencies. “

It seems like.


<There is no guarantee of the value of virtual currency>

As I said a little earlier, the government guarantees the value of legal tender such as yen, dollars, and yuan as money.

Therefore, as long as the country does not go bankrupt, it can definitely be used as money.

However, there is no such strong guarantee source for virtual currencies.


People who have virtual currency

“I’m tired of it! I don’t need virtual currency! I’m not making much money, so let’s quit!"

Then it loses its value.


“Isn’t that movement seen in the price plunge caused by the total ban on China this time?"

It is that.


<Isn’t there a country following China? >

Furthermore, with this movement in China as a trigger, at this timing when investors’ hearts move away from virtual currencies

“Isn’t it possible that other countries that haven’t acted so openly and aren’t happy with cryptocurrencies will start to eliminate cryptocurrencies?"

I am wary.

In fact, India is not happy with cryptocurrencies, and South Korea has just recently imposed large-scale regulations.

What will happen?



② The idea of ​​a good material group for virtual currencies


“No, it’s not a big deal when China leaves! Rather, it’s a good move!"

Let’s take a look at the ideas of those who think that it is good information for cryptocurrencies!


Of course, each person’s way of thinking and grounds are different, but the tendency is

“In the first place, the virtual currency market is expected to leave China, and the risk of China has just disappeared. The same movement as the 2017 bubble ”

It seems that there are many parts.


<It is already assumed that China will eliminate virtual currencies>

China has been moving to expel virtual currencies since May 2021, and many times since then

“Because we will crack down more severely!"

I have announced.

At that time, it showed a bigger crash than it is now, but the price returned within a few months.

From this,

“Many crypto investors have already assumed that China will leave!"

“Assuming that, the price of cryptocurrencies has risen now, so even if China completely leaves now, it will not have such a big impact."

“Rather, the possibility of price drops due to information about withdrawal / regulation has decreased, so the rest is just going up!"

You are thinking that.


Actually, big companies such as the United States are showing a move to buy more virtual currencies without worrying about the movement of regulations in China.

Rather, America

“Now is your chance !!!"

Because we are actively incorporating the virtual currency business that was expelled from China.

Therefore, the people here are

“Which do you believe in, the movement of the United States or the movement of China? It’s the United States!"

That’s the feeling.


<Similar to the movement before the bubble>

Furthermore, in fact, China is doing the same thing over and over again.

in short

“Eliminate virtual currencies! Oh, no! I won’t ban it! But I’ll ban it. Yeah, I’ll ban it! … But I wonder if I should stop banning it?"

That’s the state.

for that reason,

“Again? Will it resume again anyway?"

It seems that many people think that.


And 2017, which is the most famous as a virtual currency bubble.

At this time, China was doing the same thing before the big surge.

that’s why

“If China resumes cryptocurrency with this, the price will rise significantly ~~~!"

There are even people who are expecting it.

What will happen?



③ Personal way of thinking about the lid

Finally, I would like to introduce my way of thinking and the way of thinking and actions in response to this.

It’s just my personal story, so please feel free to make that decision, whether you refer to it or not!

I was against this move

“There is no problem. Increase your assets with staking and airdrop, rather than worrying about price fluctuations! “



<Virtual currency is already legal tender>

In each way of thinking, there is a part that I have the most doubts about.

that is

“The state does not guarantee like fiat currency"

That is the part.

This is a different situation than before, isn’t it?


Virtual currency (bitcoin) is already legal tender. (Although Japan has not yet certified)

Therefore, since virtual currency is not legal tender, the danger is rude to the Republic of El Salvador, which has become legal tender.

>> History moves! “The day El Salvador turns Bitcoin into fiat currency" I will explain this event in an easy-to-understand manner.(This is a Japanese article)


Furthermore, you announced that the Kingdom of Bhutan has also formed a partnership to introduce the technology of virtual currency XRP.

In this way, the movement to incorporate and utilize is becoming more active than to eliminate it as in China.



“The yen has become less popular recently, so I will abandon it!"

You can’t do that.

The fact that there are countries that have already become legal tender means that virtual currencies are the same.

“We will abandon Bitcoin because the cryptocurrency price has fallen."

I can’t do that.

Of course, the scale is completely different between Japan, the United States, etc. and El Salvador, Bhutan, etc.

However, I have a certain sense of security in that the situation is clearly different from before.


<Looking at increasing assets>

Regardless of what you think

“How do you act after all?"

Is important, isn’t it?

It doesn’t make any sense just to think about the future that you don’t understand.

Therefore, I received this

“Focus on increasing assets"

That’s it.

In other words, nothing has changed.


Even if the price of virtual currency plummets, if you increase the amount you have, there will be no such damage, and if the price returns, the profit will increase by the amount of the increased assets.

There are two main ways to do this with virtual currency.

That is staking and airdrop.

The point is that you can get interest with a time deposit and you can get anything you can get for free.

For that purpose, daily information gathering and study are indispensable.


Therefore, I will collect information and learn if I have time to worry about price movements.

Of course, it is meaningless just to have knowledge and information, so we also take on various challenges and actions.

In order to secure the energy and physical strength to do them, we also emphasize rest.


Besides, if there is something else to do for positive action, the price will not bother you.

For mental health, I will continue to study, staking, airdropping, and collecting delicious information.

And, we will continue to share that information with you in this blog, so if you are interested, please come back again and again.

(It’s not limited to virtual currencies, but it’s a miscellaneous blog that you write freely)


Please read these articles as part of my specific actions.

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It is up to you how to make a decision and act upon receiving this information.

Investment is at your own risk.




It can be said that the reason why China has completely banned the handling of virtual currencies is that it is in the process of promoting a joint wealth policy that does not allow runaway.


On top of that, 2 points of thinking about this event + my personal way of thinking

①, the way of thinking that virtual currency is over

“There is no guarantee as money. Because it’s a speculative thing. “


② The idea of ​​a good material group for virtual currencies

“With this, there is no longer any concern that prices will fall due to regulations in China. The world has come to the point where cryptocurrencies can no longer be eliminated. “


③, a personal way of thinking about the lid

“Increase assets by staking, airdrop, etc. without worrying about the price. For that purpose, I only have to collect information and study every day. “


Now, I understand why China has banned cryptocurrencies altogether.

Furthermore, how do investors and detailed people perceive this event? I think I was able to calmly organize the thoughts of people who have different ideas.

The beginners who were panicking about the information that aroused their anxiety might have become calm once.


The biggest risk of investing in cryptocurrencies is the mental burden of this crash.

The burden can be reduced by the amount of knowledge and thinking ability, but it cannot be completely eliminated.

Beginners should be clearly aware of this area when investing in cryptocurrencies.

>>> Cryptocurrency beginners lose! No one tells us about risks, not just money you absolutely need to know.(This is a Japanese article)


I have overcome that and now I am.

Around here

“I can’t collect information by myself!"

“The explanations of many detailed people are too difficult for me as a beginner to understand!"

Please visit my blog and Twitter as many times as you like.

I’m really happy that you will come again and again.

Thank you for reading.









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