What parents need to know about the impact of having a smartphone on their child

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The problem of giving a child a smartphone

“Do you want your child to have a smartphone?"

As for having

“When should I have it?"

“If you have it, what kind of rules should you decide to use?"

This is where many parents are worried.


Actually, there seems to be a lot of debate in the world about this issue.

The content is

“Let’s build a children’s app (content) from scratch!"

It is a thing called.

What does this mean?

I will explain a little more.



Smartphone net is essential for education

In this era, it is essential to use computers and the Internet to educate children.

Even in school education, programming classes will be introduced, administrative services will be online, and even life will become inconvenient if you cannot master digital contents.

Children who cannot use computers or the Internet in such times will definitely be left behind in the times, and if they are not good at it, they will not even be able to get a job.


Therefore, I think it is arguable that computers and the Internet are indispensable for education in this era.

The problem is that

“About addiction / dependence of smartphones and apps (contents) used there and adverse effects on children’s development"


“Does my child need computer / internet education? How old should I give it?"


“The Internet is full of information and images that are detrimental to children’s education."

It’s not that, it’s a discussion of a deeper problem that there is a problem with the app.

This is also difficult to imagine, so I will explain it.



Smartphone addiction and development

The content that is currently a specific issue is

◎, Instagram

◎, Facebook

◎, Tik Tok

◎, Twitter


It is a content that adults are addicted to and widely use.


Like function, share function, follow function, function that anyone can comment on, etc.

All of these features are designed to be addictive.

Recently, the evidence is

“If you don’t have a smartphone close to you, you won’t feel at ease!"

There are many adults who say that.

It is due to these apps designed to be addictive.


These apps that we use on a daily basis are designed to be addictive and addictive.

If you design it that way, the companies that provide the service can continue to make profits.


Aside from the fact that adults develop addiction at their own risk, these are regarded as problems because they are very harmful to children in terms of mental maturity inhibition and personality formation.

Actually, the founders of these contents

“Never let your children use it!"

I’m just saying that.

Seeing such a situation, overseas adults started to move.



Actions that adults and parents should take

The content of the claim was as I said at the beginning

◎ Computer internet is indispensable for children’s education in this era

◎, but too little content was built from scratch to educate children

◎, Even for content that is intended for children, the function that causes adult dependence remains.

◎ At present, parents have no choice but to acquire knowledge and use it with their children for education.

◎, it’s hard and there are limits to the limits, so let’s build real children’s content from scratch

It seems like that.


Therefore, the parents

“It will be quiet, so let me watch Youtube!"

“As long as you give your smartphone, you can’t help using SNS."

If you feel that way, your child’s mental immaturity, personality twisting, and addiction can occur.

Actually, you often see and hear about the Line bullying problem.

That is also one of the phenomena that occurs because children are using dependent content for adults as it is.



“I’m not good at smartphones or machines, so I don’t know."

In the coming era, he will not show the attitude of learning.

“Abandonment of childcare"

It may become a phenomenon close to.

Let’s take this opportunity to review the study of children, smartphones, and us adults in Japan as well.

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