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One of the trends in cryptocurrency investment is IEO.

However, beginners

“What is IEO? I don’t really understand even if I look it up."

“Youtuber says that if you participate in IEO, it will increase 100 times. Is that true?"


“I’m a little interested in seeing and hearing, but I don’t participate because I don’t know what it is and I feel suspicious!"

Many people are seen.


Therefore, this time, for such beginners

“What is IEO?"

I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner by eliminating difficult words as much as possible.


By reading this article

◎, even beginners will be able to understand IEO and invest in virtual currency

◎ If you participate after understanding IEO, you will have more opportunities to increase your assets.

◎, If you understand IEO, you will be able to understand and seize other opportunities derived from it.


Let’s take a look at such IEO together!


Pre-sale of stocks for which price increases are almost guaranteed

<Is IEO suspicious? >

What is IEO?

“Advance sales of stocks for which price increases are almost guaranteed"

Say that.


When asked like this

“You can’t believe anyone who uses the words" certain “," promise “, and" 100% “in the investment world!"

That’s common sense, so IEO feels suspicious.

(Huh? Maybe I’m suspicious too?)

However, with regard to IEO, there is a probability that the price will rise as close to 100% as possible.

(I can’t say 100% sure)

First of all, I will explain the reason and mechanism.


<Reason for price increase of IEO stocks with a probability close to 100%>

Why does the price of stocks sold at IEO rise with a probability close to 100%?

that is

“Because 100% of cryptocurrency stocks sold on IEO are listed on the exchange"


Regarding listing, it is 100% unless the exchange goes bankrupt or it is blown up and disappears.


IEO sales are cryptocurrency exchanges

“We handle this brand responsibly!"

Since it refers to the method of selling the brand, it is 100% listed.

The sale of unlisted stocks is not called IEO in the first place.


And in the world of virtual currency,

“Handling (listing) on ​​an exchange = price increase"

It will be.

By listing, the name of the stock will increase significantly, and a lot of money will be bought and sold, and a lot of money will move in relation to the stock.


Therefore, the brands sold at IEO are

“Prices of cryptocurrency stocks will rise when listed on the exchange" ⇒ “IEO has been decided to be listed on the exchange" ⇒ “Price rise is almost confirmed"

With such a scheme, the price will almost certainly rise.

In addition, how much the price will rise depends on the size of the exchange that handles it.

It’s just saying that the price will go up, not that it will jump 100 times!


<IEO price increase rate is tremendous>

After listing and the price went up, if it settled down, some stocks would go down in price, while others would go up explosively.

I’m talking about the price increase immediately after listing, so I would like to mention it for the time being.

On top of that, how much are the prices of stocks sold at IEO recently rising?

◎, Cryptocurrency PLT (pallet token) at Coincheck IEO held in Japan is about 25 times

◎, virtual currency BETA, Lazio, etc. at the largest exchange Binance IEO is about 70 to 100 times

Prices are rising.


If you look at this, it’s a tremendous price increase, isn’t it?

That’s why crypto investors are now following IEO information and are trending.

When I tried to participate in IEO there, I noticed that there were two main ways to participate.

What are the two types?

①, lottery format IEO

②, IEO in launch pad format


So, after explaining these features and participation methods, I would like to go with the flow of introducing sales methods derived from IEO format sales methods.

Let’s take a closer look at the two types of IEO + α together!


① What is lottery-style IEO?

The price of IEO is almost guaranteed to rise, so crypto investors around the world want to buy it.

Therefore, not everyone can participate freely.

Therefore, the sales method has been devised.

First of all, this is the first sales method

“Lottery-style IEO"

Will be.


This is a method of deciding who can buy and the amount by lottery.

The IEO performed by this method will be a coin check IEO.

Because money and funds are required to apply for participation, it may be a little difficult for some people to imagine, so I will explain in order from the items to be prepared.

* Not all lottery IEOs have this content. This is just a trend that is often used.


<Things to prepare>

◎, Cryptocurrency exchange account for IEO

◎, Money and virtual currency specified by the exchange as participation conditions



This is a format in which a collateral is inserted and the collateral becomes a lottery ticket as it is.

IEO date and time:〇Month 〇day, 〇: 〇〇

Designated currency: Yen,Dollar,virtual currency 〇

Lottery ticket: 1 unit for 〇yen

Minimum collateral: 〇 yen or more

At the time of winning: 〇 virtual currency IEO brands per unit winning

It feels like it’s seen.


As a supplementary explanation, it is necessary to deposit the designated money to participate in the lottery as collateral at the exchange.

The collateral cannot be used and cannot be withdrawn until the IEO is completed.

Even if you are allowed to pull out, you will not be able to participate in IEO if you pull out.

The amount of money won in the lottery will automatically be used to pay the IEO brand, so it is a collateral as the purchase price.


I will give you a concrete example of how it feels.

For example, let’s say you have an IEO who can participate with a collateral of 10,000 yen per unit.

If you pledge 1 million yen assets as collateral, I will have 100 lottery tickets.

If the number of all lottery tickets is 10,000, this is a 1% winning probability.

This 1 million yen cannot be moved until the date and time when the IEO is held, so we will have to wait for the lottery date.


And as a result of the lottery, it is assumed that one unit is won.

If you win one unit and you can buy 1000 virtual currencies of 10 yen each, you will pay 10,000 yen and get 1000 virtual currencies.

The remaining 990,000 yen will be returned as it is.

What you have at this time

1000 new virtual currencies (10,000 yen worth) bought for 10 yen each

is not it. Twice


The price of this new virtual currency rose 100 times after that,

1000 yen per sheet

If so, your property is

1000 yen per sheet 1000 sheets (1 million yen worth)

Will be.

This kind of thing is actually happening at IEO.


<Organization of flow>

Finally, we will organize the flow of lottery format IEO and finish it.

1) Send money to the exchange that conducts IEO

2) Fix the money as specified by the exchange and wait for the lottery result

3) If you win, the virtual currency will be automatically paid for the winning amount.

4) You can get the purchased virtual currency and the remaining funds will be returned.

5) The stock is listed and the price is likely to rise.


The point is to transfer the collateral as specified and then wait for the lottery.

This will be the lottery IEO.

The collateral is used as a lottery ticket as it is.


② What is launch put type IEO?

Next, it will be the launch put type IEO.

I don’t think you’re used to the launch pad, but this format is common worldwide, so be sure to remember it!

this is

“A format in which the amount that can be purchased gradually increases"

Will be.

I think this is also difficult to understand from this alone, so I will explain from what to prepare.


<Things to prepare>

◎, IEO exchange account

◎, Money / virtual currency specified by the exchange



By staking (fixed deposit), the number of virtual currencies that can be purchased in the form of interest will gradually increase.

(The number of rights you can purchase will only increase, not free of charge.)

Period: From 〇Month 〇day 〇: 〇〇 to 〇Month 〇day 〇: 〇〇

Designated currency: Yen, Dollar,virtual currency 〇


Supplementing this as well, if the designated currency is fixed as staking (fixed deposit) for the designated period, the right to the number of sheets that can be purchased in the form of interest will increase during that period.

For example, suppose you want to stake 1 million yen (fixed deposit).

Then, assume that the daily interest rate is 1% (interest rate varies depending on the number of participants, etc.)

in short,

1 million yen x 1% = 10,000 yen

You will get the right to purchase 10,000 yen a day.


If this is an IEO that lasts for 10 days, you will eventually get the right to purchase 100,000 yen in x 10 days.

So, staking (fixed deposit) 1 million yen to 100,000 yen worth of virtual currency was purchased,

100,000 yen worth of virtual currency will be transferred and the remaining 900,000 yen will be returned.

If the price of this virtual currency rises 100 times, the assets of 100,000 yen will become 10 million yen.


There are some people who misunderstand it even in the virtual currency Youtuber, but the launch pad format IEO is not given for free, it only increases the right to purchase.

Payment is required, so please be careful not to misunderstand.

(In the past, there were exchanges that offered things that you could get for free, so it seems that you are confused with that.)


This time, I explained with this number for easy understanding, but in reality, you can buy much less.

The popular IEO has more participants and the interest rate drops.

Depending on the item, it is normal that you can steak 1 million yen and buy only 200 yen.

Even so, 200 yen can become 20,000 yen, so it’s a good deal, isn’t it?

If you are investing,

“It’s only 20,000 yen!"

It’s hard to say, but it’s amazing that 200 yen becomes 20,000 yen when you think about it normally!


<Organization of flow>

I would like to end by listing a simple flow here as well.

1) Send the designated currency to the exchange

2) Staking the currency at the designated place (fixed deposit)

3) The number of sheets that can be purchased increases in the form of interest

4) You can get the purchased virtual currency and the remaining funds will be returned.

5) The stock is listed and the price is likely to rise.


The feature of this is that anyone can definitely buy it as long as they participate.

The number of sheets that can be bought is smaller than that of the lottery format.

Either format

“How much collateral can you prepare?"

Is important, isn’t it?


③ Derived from the IEO format sales method

So far, we have looked at the types of IEO.

However, in fact, this sales method called IEO is also applied to other things.

Therefore, if you know this IEO, you will be able to participate in other great deals.


What I know at the moment is the one that utilizes the IEO method

◎, IFO

◎, IGO

It is a sales method called.

The detailed explanation of each will be given in a separate article, so here we will only briefly check each one.


IFO is an IEO performed by Decentralized Finance.

IEO is done by the exchange, but IFO is done by Defi.

Therefore, from an investment perspective, there is no particular problem in recognizing that IEO and IFO are similar products.

note that

“What is Defi"

Please read this article if you are.

>> [Cryptocurrency] “What is the difference between DEFI and DEX?" I will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners. [Blockchain](This is a Japanese article)


IGO is an IEO that sells NFTs instead of virtual currencies.

IEO was selling cryptocurrency stocks whose prices will almost certainly rise.

Because it is done by NFT, IGO is

“Sales of NFTs that will almost certainly rise in price"

It may be possible to express that.


“What is NFT?"

If you are, please read this article.

>>> “What is NFT? How to participate?" I will explain it in a simple and easy-to-understand manner even for super beginners.(Japanese article)


However, since NFTs are not handled by exchanges, they are NFTs that are guaranteed to be handled in the NFT market, not listed on the exchange.

This is the current time (October 27, 2021)

“I will do it for the first time at Binance NFT in the future!"

Since it is said to be a thing, there is no actual example yet.

It’s natural that you don’t know.

Rather, you are quite advanced just by knowing at this point!


How was it?

After understanding the mechanism of the virtual currency sales method called IEO,

“I really want to participate in IEO!"

I think some people say that.

Since freshness is the life of IEO, it starts and ends every day, so please search for individual noteworthy IEOs from this category.

>>>IEO category


For IEO information that is not in individual articles, see the Futahii newspaper that is distributed daily.

“It seems that such an IEO will be held!"

Please use that as well.

>>> Futahii Newspaper Category

However, there is still no 100% investment, so please invest at your own risk.



IEO refers to the pre-sale of stocks for which price increases are almost guaranteed.


3 points about such IEO

①, What is a lottery-style IEO?

“A method of depositing collateral and using it as a lottery ticket"

②, What is a launch pad type IEO?

“A format in which funds can be stakes (fixed deposits) and the number of sheets that can be purchased in the form of interest rates increases"

③, Derived from the IEO format sales method

“IEOs performed by Decentral, IEOs handling NFTs, etc. are also being born"


With this, even beginners can understand and invest in IEO cryptocurrency investment if they do their best.

If you participate after understanding IEO, you will have more opportunities to increase your assets.

By understanding IEO, it became possible to understand and seize other opportunities such as IFO and IGO derived from it.

Information is a weapon and a life, so let’s acquire basic knowledge so that we can understand the information that is issued every day!


“Even if you say that you collect information, you cannot collect it by yourself!"

For those of you who like it, I send you the hottest information every day from more than 60 sources, so please use the Futahii newspaper.

>>> Futahii Newspaper Category









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