Airdrop information for non-Japanese and Defi (Futahii participation scheduled version)

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for that reason
“Isn’t this strange?"
I think there are many parts.

Of course, I try to provide meaningful information, but besides that, please use it to enjoy strange English.


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“I want to increase my assets at the moment when virtual currencies are booming!"

“I want whatever you can get !!!"

I think there are many people who think that way, and so do I!

It is airdrop that you are interested in.

Airdrop is an event where you can get virtual currency for free.


But even if you are interested

“I don’t know where and how to get airdrop information!"

“Even if I collect information by myself, I can’t find any airdrop information!"

“Would you please list it in an easy-to-understand manner?"

There are many people like this.


Therefore, this time, about the airdrop that I plan to participate in

“Overseas / Decentralized virtual currency airdrop information"

I will introduce the list of.

Here is a list of airdrops that I plan to participate in for domestic brands.

>>> Introducing the list of “Domestic Virtual Currency Airdrop Information 2021 (Futahii Participation Scheduled Version)".


By reading this article

◎, you can find various airdrop information here that is difficult to find by yourself.

◎, you can participate in the upcoming airdrop

◎, It is possible to increase assets by participating in AirDrop


Airdrop is not a first-come-first-served basis, so we all want to spread it together as a fellow cryptocurrency player and get excited!

If you would like to participate in the excitement, I would be grateful if you could spread this article on Twitter and Hatena bookmarks.

Let’s take a look at the airdrop information of overseas / Defi brands that I plan to participate in!


① TENSET Infinity

By staking, TENSET Infiniti becomes an airdrop that can receive multiple cryptocurrency brands.

At the moment (October 14th), 7 types of cryptocurrency brands have been airdropped.


<Preparation / necessary items>

・ MetaMask

・ 100 or more virtual currency 10SET (tenset)



Period: October 14th ~ (End date is different for each of the 4 types of courses)

Amount received: Different depending on the selected course, brand, virtual currency 10SET staking amount

Brands you can get: As of October 14th (there is a great possibility that it will increase in the future)

・ Virtual currency 10SET

・ Cryptocurrency DESU

・ Cryptocurrency Leon

・ Cryptocurrency Leos

・ Cryptocurrency ZENR

・ Cryptocurrency WLTR

・ Virtual currency SELECT


<How to participate / receive>

1) Purchase virtual currency 10SET

* 10 SET is Uniswap V2 and can be exchanged for ETH.

>>> Link to Uniswap V2

* I think that an error will occur during replacement and you will not be able to buy it easily.

In that case, click the gear mark on the upper right

“Slippage tolerance"

The part


You can buy it by setting it to.

2) Link TENSET Infinity and MetaMask

>>> Link to “TENSET Infinity"

3) Select the course to participate in and staking

>>> Link to TENSET Infinity “Course Selection Page"


I think that many people are difficult to understand in English, so I will briefly introduce the features of the course.

・ Bronze course: 100 ten sets or more required for half a year

・ Silver course: 500 ten sets or more required for 9 months, with 5% bonus

・ Gold course: 1000 ten sets or more required for 12 months, with 10% bonus

・ Diamond course: 2000 ten sets or more required for 24 months, with 15% bonus


② XRP leisure

For XRP leisure, there is no problem in recognizing the place where projects related to virtual currency XRP are gathered.

While there are many projects related to XRP, it seems that fraud is starting to appear, so please be careful when selecting a brand.


<Preparation / necessary items>

◎, XUMM wallet app

◎, virtual currency XRP (ripple) at least 13 sheets

* If you want to participate in a lot of airdrops, +2 per brand



Duration: Depends on the project

Amount received: Depends on the project

Brand: Depends on the project

If you use the XUMM wallet app, you can participate in airdrops of these various projects and manage brands.


<How to participate / receive>

1) Send at least 13 virtual currency XRP to the XUMM wallet

2) Search for XRP leisure related projects (search to find them)

This is recommended for choosing a solid project

>>> Link to SACHI @ Tongari Coiner “How to participate in XRPL token XUMM airdrop"

3) Access the trustline page of the project you want to participate in

4) Click “Confirm" when the pop-up that says “TrustSet" appears.

5) A notification will be sent to the app, so if you authenticate, the participation setting is completed.

6) All you have to do is wait


<If the popup that says “TrustSet" does not appear>

4) If another popup appears, turn it off.

5) Click “Sign in with XUMM" at the top center of the screen

6) Read the QR code that appears with the XUMM app and approve it.

7) The computer screen changes, so it’s at the bottom.

“Send Trust Set to XUMM"


8) A notification will be sent to the XUMM app, so approve it and complete the participation settings.


I participated in the items on the site I introduced earlier and some others, but the items I actually received are

・ Cryptocurrency FSE

・ Cryptocurrency GIFT

・ Cryptocurrency CX1

・ Cryptocurrency SCS

・ Cryptocurrency Equilibrium


The virtual currency Equilibrium is already handled by the exchange, so it is recommended.


③ Virtual currency TANK

It is a virtual currency of crypto tank.

Crypto Tank is a blockchain game that respects Nintendo’s NES games.


<Preparation / necessary items>

◎, MetaMask



Period: Until October 26th

Amount you can get: 50 sheets

Brand: Virtual currency TANK (tank token)


<How to participate / receive>

1) Link MetaMask to the crypto tank site

>>> Link to “Blockchain Game: Crypto Tank"

2) Complete the SNS mission at the bottom of the screen

* The “+ number" part written on the right side is the lottery point.

3) 250 people will be selected by lottery based on the lottery points

4) If you can choose, just wait for the transfer


④ Virtual currency BOBA

The virtual currency OMG can be bought normally at the domestic exchange Coincheck, but it is necessary to use Defi using MetaMask, so I will introduce it in this article.


<Preparation / necessary items>

・ MetaMask

・ Cryptocurrency OMG



Period: November 12, 9:00 (Japan time)

Amount received: Same number as the amount of virtual currency OMG held

Brand: Virtual currency BOBA


<How to participate / receive>

1) Send the virtual currency OMG to MetaMask

2) Link BOBA gateway and MetaMask

>>> Link to “BOBA Gateway"

3) All you have to do is wait


⑤ Virtual currency Exfi

The virtual currency Exfi is also introduced in domestic airdrop, but at present, you prepare your own wallet and participate. Or, since there is only a way to participate through overseas exchanges, I will introduce it here as well.


<Preparation / necessary items>

・ Exchange Bitrue account or bifrost wallet, etc.

>>> Link to “Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitrue"

>>> Link to “bifrost app download page for android"

>>> Link to “bifrost app download page for iPhone"

・ Cryptocurrency SGB (Songbird Token)

SGB ​​(Songbird Token) can be purchased at Bitrue.



Period: November 6th, 3:00 am (Japan time)

Amount you can get: 235.275SGB = 1ExFi

Brand: Virtual currency Exfi


<How to participate / receive>

1) Place the virtual currency SGB (Songbird Token) on a compatible exchange or a compatible wallet.

2) If you participated in the exchange, apply for “Distribute". Those who participate in the wallet just wait for the transfer

* At the moment (October 14th), Bitrue is the only exchange that has announced support.


For more information about this airdrop, please click here.

>>> I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner “a new airdrop that virtual currency SGB token holders can participate in".(Japanese article)


⑥ Virtual currency YFLR

The virtual currency YFLR is the same as Exfi, and it is posted on the Japanese brand AirDrop, but at present, you have to create your own wallet and participate, so we will post it here as well.


<Preparation / necessary items>

・ Compatible wallets such as bifrost

・ Cryptocurrency FLR (Spark Token)

* At this time (October 14th), FLR (Spark Token) has not been born yet.



Period: One month after the birth of virtual currency FLR (Spark Token)

Amount of money: 58/10000 of virtual currency FLR (0.0058 per one)

Brand: Virtual currency YFLR (yield flare token)


<How to participate / receive>

1) Place the virtual currency FLR in the compatible wallet

* Since it has not been born yet, there is no exchange that has announced a response. Bitrue seems to support it.

2) Receive the virtual currency DFLR one month after the birth of FLR

3) Convert the virtual currency DFLR to the virtual currency YFLR within one week from there

* Since DFLR is worthless, it is meaningless unless it is converted to YFLR.

* The conversion page cannot be opened until the due date, but the page is here.

>>> Link to “FlareFinance Claim Page"


Please read here for more details about this airdrop.

>> “What is virtual currency YFLR (yield flare token) airdrop? I will explain how to get it and the details in an easy-to-understand manner.(Japanese article)



DC is an American hero from a long time ago, such as Batman and Superman.


<Preparation / necessary items>

・ DC account

>>> Link to “DC Official Website"

・ DCNFT code

* If you register, you will receive an email at a later date.



Period: From October 5th to the end of DC fan DOME (October 16th?)

Amount received: 1 NFT

What you can get: DC official NFT


<How to participate / receive>

1) Set up a DC account and wait until the NFT code is sent.

>>> Link to “DC Official Website"

2) Click “CLAIM NOW" in the email, and then click to proceed.

* The wallet is automatically created in the DCNFT market.


It’s an NFT like this.

>>> Link to “Futahii’s DCNFT Collection"

Is this open to the public? Can I see it without an account?


⑧ Flare finance NFT

<Preparation / necessary items>

・ MetaMask

・ Flare Finance Official NFT “Delorian NFT"

>>> Link to Ralible “Delorian NFT Sales Page"



Period: After opening flare drop (?)

* Flare Drop is a flare finance NFT service.

* Details such as the deadline have not been announced yet.

Amount received: 1 NFT

What you can get: Flare Finance Official NFT


<How to participate / receive>

1) Have an official DeLorean NFT

2) Link MetaMask to flare drop (probably)

3) You can receive it automatically

>>> Link to Flare Finance “The First Hot Drop"



At the moment (October 14th), there are 8 airdrops I have participated in or are planning to participate in overseas / Defi.


With this, you were able to know the airdrop information that is difficult to find by yourself.

It’s a little difficult and the hurdles are high, but now that I know how to participate, I can participate in the upcoming airdrop.

And if you do your best a little, you can increase your assets by participating in AirDrop.


If there is information in the future or if there is a new airdrop of interest, I will add it, so please add a Hatena bookmark and visit again several times!

“After all, it’s difficult for me!"

For those who say, please try this domestic brand of airdrop.

>> Introducing the list of “Domestic Virtual Currency Airdrop Information 2021 (Futahii Participation Scheduled Version)".

* The content of the above article is for Japanese people.
For people from countries other than Japan, that may be more difficult.









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