NFT game introduction “What is DORAGONARY? “

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Now playing games and earning money (P2E) is getting a lot of attention.

The representative will be a game using NFT, which was nominated for the 2021 buzzword award.

However, even if you try to start Isa

“I don’t know which game is better!"

“I don’t really know what NFTs are, so even if I’m interested, it’s difficult to get started!"

“There are many games with many settings to get started, so it’s difficult and impossible for me !!!"

There are also many voices such as.

Therefore, this time, an NFT game that even people who do not understand difficult things such as virtual currency can easily start


I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner from how to start to the strategy at the beginning.


By reading this article

◎, you can start NFT games right now

◎, you can play without knowledge of virtual currency and NFT

◎, You can also understand what to do in the early stages in terms of game strategy


Let’s take a look at the easy-to-start NFT game DORAGONARY together!


① What kind of game?

* This is the actual game screen ↑

First of all, what kind of game is DORAGONARY?

“Quest capture type RPG"


In short, it’s a type of game that is common in smartphone games.


Form a party with 3 to 5 dragons and capture the quest to defeat the enemy.

For those who usually play games,

“Romasaga RS"

I think it would be good if you could imagine.

The dragon used in the game can be bought and sold as an NFT.

(Since the game has just started service, NFT will increase in addition to dragons in the future)


What to do is

◎, fight and raise dragons

◎, Complete quests, collect in-game coins and breed dragons

(In-game coins are required for breeding)

Basically, it’s a game that repeats this.


The game concept is

“A game that anyone can continue to play!"

Therefore, it is possible to collect in-game coins as it is without paying.

However, if you charge, you can get a lot of in-game coins at once.


② How to get started

Let’s see how to start such a DORAGONARY!

It’s easy to get started, but it doesn’t support Japanese, so let’s do our best!


1) Download the app

>>> Link to “App Download Page"

2) Log in with your Google account

Basically, you can start with this.

* I created an account from the PC version, so this was all I needed for the app.

* You may be asked to create a wallet, but if you agree, it will be created automatically.


<Home screen menu description>

Next, I will briefly explain the home screen.

The meters above are from the left

◎, Account rarity: Affects various rewards, strength of enemies in the dungeon, etc.

◎, Physical strength: Consumed in dungeon exploration, battle between players

◎, Currency: The top is the real virtual currency, the bottom dragon coin mark is the in-game currency

◎ ,??? : I’m not sure about the green E mark


The icons below are from the left

◎, CHEST: Treasure chest containing rare items (virtual currency required)

◎, CAVA: Breeding of dragons, etc. (virtual currency, in-game coins, etc. are required)

◎, MISSIONS: This is the basic battle place. (Level up, quests, etc.)

◎, PVP: A place where pliers confront each other (consumes physical strength)

◎, CARDS: You can see the information of the dragon you have.


<Dragon strength>

Next, let’s check how to see the strength of the dragon.

The numbers below the dragon illustration are from the left

・ Inside the sword mark: Attack power

・ Light bulb mark: Magical power (?) I don’t understand well

・ Shield mark: Defensive power


Although it is in English, the instruction manual is here.

>>> Link to “DORAGONARY White Paper"


③ Initial capture

If you don’t know what to do first, you will get bored, so I will talk about the initial strategy.

This game has the lowest rarity, but you can get 3 dragons from the beginning, so you can play it immediately.

On top of that, the first thing to do is to raise the level of the dragon.

That’s why

1) Click “MISSIONS"

2) Click “HISTORY" (Other EMBERS and DUNGEON consume physical strength, but ignore them at first because the enemy is strong)

3) Click “MISSION1" and click “PLAY" at the bottom right

4) When the screen changes and you click “PLAY" again, the battle will start.


<Battle description>

Next, I will explain about battle.

1) When the battle begins, click “Manual" above to change it to “Automatic"

* If set to Automatic, the special move will be used automatically. This one is stronger

* If it is Manual, you can select the special move and attack target by yourself.

2) “1 x SPD" is the battle speed. If you want to make it faster, click it to make it “2 x SPD"

3) If you win, experience points will be added, so click “CLAIM" to go to the second round.

4) If you win, experience points will be added, so click “Continue" to go to the third round.

5) If you win, experience points will be added, so clear the stage with “Exit".


There is no penalty for losing here, so let’s raise the level by repeating the aspects that can be cleared with the current strength over and over again!

The highest level of the initial dragon with low rarity is 20, and if you raise it up to this point, it will be strong enough to clear up to stage 4 with a relatively large margin.

Stage 5 loses in the boss battle.


<After raising the level>

After raising, it consumes physical strength

1) Clear “EMBERS" and “DUNGEON" and collect various items.

・ In-game coins

・ (?) Attribute coin for strengthening equipment

·Treasure Chest

(The contents of the treasure box are equipment, eggs, in-game coins, etc.)

2) Increase the number of dragons (egg emergence, breeding, etc.)

3) Grow

It seems that this will be repeated.

* Breeding will be done using in-game coins + specific items on the initial screen “CAVA" ⇒ “NEST".

* I got the eggs, but I haven’t got the breeding items, so I think it’s more difficult to breed.


I have just started today (November 8th) and have only done 3 bodies to level 20, so I’m still not sure about the future.

In addition, since you can play on both your smartphone and computer at the same time, you can grow twice as fast if you use both.


Postscript: November 10th

When I opened the treasure box, I got an egg, and when it emerged, it was a sky dragon.

Therefore, it is now a four-animal party that is strong against long-term battles with two recovery characters.


<Introduction of features of early dragons>

My recommendation is auto battle, so there is no problem if you do not know the characteristics of each, but there are menus that can not be auto battle, and it is affected by the status of each parent dragon at the time of breeding, so I know There is no loss.


* The appearance of the dragon evolves in three stages. The image is a grown-up look.

* HP will increase as you level up, and your status will not increase.


◎, Earth Dragon

Attack power: 8

Magical power: 7

Defense: 15

Technique: provoke ⇒ Put out a shield that will take the attack for a certain period of time instead

* It has high HP and defense power, and is a tank.


◎, Sky Dragon

Attack power: 7

Magical power: 14

Defense: 9

Technique: Healing wind ⇒ Recover all friends

* Because it is a recovery role, it is the cornerstone of the team


◎, Fire Dragon

Attack power: 12

Magical power: 8

Defense: 10

Technique: Flare ⇒ Strong flame attack

* The status is even, but Flare is strong.


I still don’t have enough in-game coins to get breeding items, so I can’t breed, but if I breed, I plan to make a recovery system and a defense system.

It’s a party that is strong in long-term battles and fights with a lot of effort.

The area is up to you!


That’s all for this time.


“Is there anything else?"

If there is a person who says, I will continue to increase the number of NFT game articles, so please read this article until then.

>>> “What is the blockchain game that is attracting attention as a side business? I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner “types and earning mechanism".(Japanese article)

* There is no problem in recognizing that blockchain games and NFT games are the same.



The NFT game DORAGONARY introduced this time is a quest type RPG.


<How to get started>

“Just download the app and log in with your Google account"

<Initial strategy>

“Raise the level of the dragon ⇒ Collect in-game coins and treasure chests ⇒ Egg emerge and breed to increase"


With this, you can start NFT games right away, right?

“It’s okay to get started, but what should I do first?"

You don’t have to hesitate.

I was interested in even a little bit, so please try playing now.


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